Post your original songs/compositions!

What a cool challenge and yeah those songs are great!

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Wasn’t sure if I should create a new topic for this, but figured here is appropriate.

I’ve been working on an original metal (mid-tempo 80s thrashish style) song that I prototyped in reaper with some virtual instruments and I’m looking for some helpful feedback.

The song is lacking real instrumentation, vocals and solos/leads at the moment and the drums are stock midi rhythms I found somewhere - but hoping to get some thoughts on the flow, structure and overall “catchiness” of it.

I’m not ready to publish the link publicly yet, but pm me and I’ll share a link to it on YouTube. Thanks in advance!

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You might want to explore sites like Kompoz - Music Collaboration Platform
to get others to contribute certain (missing) parts to your compositions.

Not everybody’s cup of tea perhaps… but a possibility :smile:

Thanks for the tip. I have a guitar player who’s going to learn this eventually and lay down the solos and possibly sing. Drummer we are still looking for, as well as second guitarist.


I’ve been a bit busy so haven’t been on the internet much recently, but thanks for the compliments everyone. :smiley:

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