"Practicing" while traveling


So, I am traveling all week and couldn’t bring my bass. I miss picking it up in the evening after work and practicing a little or digging deeper into Josh’s course… So, what do you all do when you are traveling without your instrument? I saw there are some practicing tools out there, like four strings attached to a small piece of wood to practice your plucking hand, or strength trainers for your fretting hand, but is this any good? Do you have any other advice for what I could do on a long flight or while sitting in a large conference hall, or back “home” in the hotel room?



Oh so many things you can do without your bass. :slight_smile:

  • Practice bass lines mentally (close your eyes and mime/move your fingers)
  • Listen to new music
  • Review any theory stuff that’s tripped you up recently

I’ve never used any of these -

My eyebrows go up about them a bit… not sure they really translate to any improvement in your playing. Plus you can just do fake plucking on the fingers of your other hand, or do general grip/finger strength stuff isometrically without buying any gadgets.


I am totally awesome when I close my eyes and mime playing bass :grin:

Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah, I didn’t think these gadgets were really all that useful!


When I was in college I would do TONS of solfeggio singing. If you have ever learned - or are willing to invest the time to learn - the solfeggio system of singing notes - Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti - it is an AWESOME exercise to do in the car, while walking- anything.
You can sing intervals in a scale, sing basslines in solfeggio, make up basslines and (if you sing them with solfeggio) you already know how to play it…
A wonderful and tangible musical skill that moves with you.
Highly recommended!

And I second Josh’s thoughts about the grip strengtheners and the plucking-hand-assistors. I think it would be easier to just visit a music store for a quick 20 minutes…


See, that is why I like this forum - I hadn’t even heard about this method before! I definitely need to look more into this… even though, the first Google hits talk about “healing frequencies” :wink:



That’s because I mislabled it.
I’ve called it Solfeggio my whole life… what gives?
Google calls it Solfege.

Look up this:
solfege singing

That got the results you’d want to see!