Practicing with different bass guitars

Does anyone other than myself use two different bass guitars to practice on?

When I decided to take on the playing bass, My wife just shook her head and pretty much knew that she was in for another “wild ride” on the music train!

You see, having played music (not bass) for many years, Connie always understood that when it comes to music for me ( I’m a Vietnam Vet), that it’s what has always kept me focused in life. I guess it’s why she (after 41 years of marriage), understands and has accepted the fact that no matter what,… oh hell, enough of that $h1t!!..

Bottom line, I practice with two different Yammy’s… One of the biggest differences (playability related) is that they each have different type pickups. On one, I have no problem hitting all strings, the other, I get lost trying to pluck the G string - especially after successfully running all the other three. Anyway, what I can do on one, I can’t do on the other, and visa-versa,… so depending on what I gotta practice and play dictates which guitar I’m gonna use…

Hell, I my six strings are different too… Tele,… Strat,…

Just thankful that I’ve got an understanding wife!..

Am I nuts, or just old?.. Wait a minute,… that’s not the question… The question is,…

Do you practice with more than one bass guitar??


Interesting question, but no, @Lanny . . . I only own one . . . lol :slight_smile:

If I had a second, I probably would switch between them, though :+1:

All best, Joe


I do play and practice on multiple axes, @Lanny

The only time I get real messed up is if there’s extra strings involved, or different tunings.

It would be roughly equivalent to getting into a different car and driving. When you’re new to driving, all differences are going to be magnified, and potentially distracting.

Over time, you’ll be comfortable enough with the physical tasks and the machine in general that you’ll start to make adjustments automatically. It will still be weird getting into a new bass (or car) - touchy brakes, different turning radius, etc… but it will smooth out in time and experience.


I own two basses and I try to play both to the same amount. Now, after 9 months of playing, I am also starting to more clearly feel and understand some (more or less subtle) differences between the two basses - one is an entry level P bass copy (4 strings) and the other is a high-end 5-string Yamaha that I found used.

As @Gio also mentioned, the extra string is the biggest challenge. Very often, I find my fretting finger on one string and my plucking finger on another string when going from the 4-string to the 5-string, because I think I know “where I am”, but I am obviously not. But, it really is an extra exercise in slowly becoming more comfortable on your fretboard and intuitively know your way around your bass(es).

The more subtle differences are in the playability - it is more clear to me now why one bass is/was much more expensive than the other. Still, I like them both and I try to do exercises (plucking exercises, arpeggios) on both of them.

I haven’t experienced the problem you describe, and I am not entirely sure I understand… are the pickups sort of getting in your way when playing on the G string??


Thanks @Gio,… I think my major challenge is getting more comfortable with the bass overall - especially after 60 years of playing electric, acoustic, and classical guitars. Even though I played all of them, I’d still find myself making mistakes moving from one to another - especially between my classical and acoustic’s due to the width of the fingerboard.

Right now I’m at the half way point in my lessons and have grown to understand that an old dog CAN learn new tricks!


@joergkutter, I think I just realized what’s going on. It’s the anchor point I’m using on each bass. I installed a thumb rest on one, and on eat other I simply use the pickup. To play the one where my fingers were getting lost trying to pluck the G string, I have to reach down a little farther with my plucking finger - especially if I were using my index finger since it’s a lot shorter than my middle finger. I guess it’s just a matter of ‘focus’ on my part… I’ll get there - eventually…