Pre-existing skill vs pace of course

I’m 2 lessons into Module 8 and I think my existing skills have synced up with the course. For those with some previous experience, at which point did you find existing skill level meet up with the course?

Billie Jean aside, I’ve managed all the pieces at full speed without too much trouble, but Higher & Higher has, ironically, slapped me back down to Earth. Even medium pace is a struggle. Not sure why because I don’t think it’s all that technically challenging, but my hands aren’t coordinating at that speed.

That’s all fine with me. Going back to being a beginner allowed me to hone some finer skills while not being too challenged, and I’ve learned more about music theory and reading notation than ever before, but for now it looks like my 10 day streak is over.


The only instrument I’ve actually played was drums in high school band, and very briefly, trumpet. I didn’t really have much to fall back on other than some residual music reading knowledge and a fair sense of rhythm. The problem that I’ve been having all through this course has been lack of ability to play the music on the bass and keep rhythm at the same time. I’ve been able to do one or the other separately, but not both at the same time. I’ve had a hard time with some of the lessons because of this shortcoming (Including Billie Jean).


I played many years ago and knew the notes up and down the neck when I signed up for the course, but that’s about it, @PeteP! :laughing: Josh doesn’t get into that until module 6 or so.

I also knew about progressions, but had NO musical theory other than that. I finished the course back in July, but am going over all of it again and taking & organizing my notes this time around. . . . I’m determined to get ALL of the details! :+1:

(still can’t do Billie Jean, though! :yum: )

Cheers, Joe


Yes, I’ve just started to make notes on the sheet for some sections to revisit. I also plan to make a practice routine using the backing tracks so far.

It’ll be funny to look back at posts from this phase once I’ve completed the course and this seems really basic.


Great question @PeteP.

I’ve been playing guitar for well over 55 years and never really thought about having any skill level at all on the Bass since I never played one before taking the course. Actually, I tried really hard to be nothing more than a true beginner while going through the lessons and even downloaded all of the songs so that I could practice them completely before even moving on to the next lesson.

I suppose if I hit any speed-bumps, it would have to be when I reached the slap and pop lessons… I did manage to complete the course in just under two months, but like @Jazzbass19 mentioned, I too will revisit the course and take more notes. I’m certain that I’ll be able to learn even more the second time around!

As for the finger flying “Billy Jean” lesson,… once I found a song that to me was harder to play,… then mastered playing it,… Billy Jean became a total cake walk… ie: Animals “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” (I’m a 60’s/70’s Classic Rock fan)…


@PeteP it had been so long since I played and there were so many massive gaps in what I knew (know), I would be hard pressed to find a module that I didn’t learn something significant from.




I know this is an old thread, but this statement is so very true to what I am experiencing. Although I have had some guitar playing in the past, and it has most definitely contributed to my success in the course this far, I have learned a lot from every lesson I have gone thru.

I am now nervous about tomorrow after reading what Lanny said about the Slap section I will embark upon next. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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