Project Basses

Love it! Now I want some breakfast, lol.


She’s a beauty


That is 100% pure gold right there. Wowsa.


Maybe I should just do a project…

I’ve got the pickup


I will say, I’ve been somewhat tempted lately to do a P bass build. Those Fender roasted maple necks look really nice but I wish there were U shaped options. Perhaps an arctic white body with a roasted maple 7.25 radius U shaped neck and narrow tall frets. I’ll continue dreaming for now…


The only narrow tall frets are available in the mod shop build and you can have it in all rosewood. Yeah!


I noted that when i was comparing the neck specs of my Jino… The more time I spend with it, I just feel like the U shape, radius and frets seem to work better for me compared to my Player series bass.


With this body what are my neck options? Am I limited to Warmoth or could I get a Fender?


My understanding is that Warmoth bodies generally follow the “Fender standard” neck pocket size and screw configurations.


It’s all explained on their website. They produce bodies under license from Fender (following a court case) so the appropriate Fender neck will fit.


Freestone necks and Rosser bodies and necks work great as well.


I have a Freestone neck on my 54P and it fits and works perfectly


So, I got the 5 string Jazzmaster-thing to work after some jiggery-pokery with the truss rod (wind in a back-bow big enough to get a straight neck with the strings tuned to pitch). It still needs some comfort carving on the body and some finishing oil but it’s winter so filling the house with the smell of setting oil will not go down well. So, I thought why stop at 5 strings ?
I skip surfed a bed head and made a through-neck (c/w epoxy’d carbon fibre rods) and hollow body. Now down to the penultimate fretboard from a WW2 lump of Maple which resided in grandad’s shed until 1989.

After the neck-fretboard glue-up, I left the woodwork on the bench for a weekend, only to find I had a neck with a comical back-bow. My only explanation would be difference in moisture absorption by the two woods (the truss rod and epoxy embalmed carbon fibre are inert) from the atmosphere and glue.

After staring in disbelief for a minute (this is my first proper guitar building f**k up) and being tempted to throw the neck in the bin, I resolved to try bending it back with six steel strings (Pyramid short scale 25-125).

Any advice welcome. I think my options are:

  1. Neck bends back perfectly, flying pigs seen across Yorkshire and the Health Secretary takes full responsibility for the disastrous UK response to COVID-19.

  2. Able to straighten neck using truss rod, carry on like nothing happened.

  3. Unable to straighten neck with truss rod, so plane it flat and live with a variable thickness fretboard.

  4. Cut the fretboard off to salvage the £5 truss rod, burn the woodwork. Consider 11 basses to be sufficient, never go near a drill again.

  1. Do a Dave Renaud and heat the neck to 60-70 deg Communist, and force it straight with clamps. Afterwards let it cool and settle to RT with the clamps still on.

Dave’s World of Fun Stuff on YouTube


That’s very personnal. I like C necks with 9.5" radius and big frets, and sometimes V necks (for a guitar made for strumming). but yeah, neck shapes are somewhat an important topic, at some point everyone should know what he/she prefers.


Wow! That looks great @jonathanhaynes43


I have been eyeballing these el cheap-o Brownsville Bat basses for a while for a bit of a project bass, base.

I was really targeting the matte black one, but, since I have a matt black bass with red binding already, this flamey one started to grow on me and at $200, I figured why the heck not.
Also, I don’t actually think the matte black ones exist, I think someone refinished this one, or, they are rare as hen’s teeth.

It is in fantastic shape.
Plan is a new pickup, tuners, strings. Needs a truss rod cover too.
And of course, a flame strap.
Not much to do in the controls department with only a volume knob.

Just arrived so letting it acclimate a bit while I go look for all of @T_dub’s guidance on pickups for this puppy.

I love the bat logo at the 12th fret.


I spoke too soon.
The knob is a push-pull.
Pushed - both coils
Pulled - south coil

Not my area of expertise here, but the south only sounds kina lame (pickup sounds meh in general, which was expected.
Question - would it be better to rewire series/parallel?

Based on a lonely solder blob on the DPDT switch, it might have been in that mode at some point.

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I totally dig it. SG up front, Batman in the back.

No opinion on the switching, it’s unlikely I would use it. I do agree it would be more useful than a coil split though.


Series will give you a boost and can influence your tone and make it a bit fuller. This is obviously something you can do without any modifications down the chain. Maybe you should modify to series/parallel just because you can to give the bass a little more character.