Project Basses

Also just an update, there were some spec changes in meantime.

I wanna base this bass of 1974 Jazz Bass. No 70’s bullet on headstock.
So this is the goal.

I’ll post more pics of work when luthier sends me.


Did some more work on my Franken Fretless Bass of Doom
Here is how it looked this morning:


Here is how it looks tonight

Unfortunately the bridge cover isn’t photographing as well as I would hope
I got it yesterday and it looked like this:

I am trying to match these parts


So I spent this morning experimenting with linseed oil, G96 and fire and good a good approximation. It has some copper shine still which goes well with the burst

I did the pickup cover as a test but won’t add it as I don’t like the look with it on and there is limited pickin’ space.

Here is a link showing what the body looks like- this is the one I picked up to refinish but rather liked the damage:


Students are back on campus next week, so I wasted my last two days of annual leave in the shed. At some point every bassist needs a through-neck multi-scale headless five string, with a preamp. Seven laminate neck, maple fretboard and spherical walnut burl body. Just needs two stacked humbuckers fitting.

Sadly, no rug to pull the room together.
It was going splendidly until I nearly exposed the truss rod whilst profiling the neck, requiring a veneer patch, which I am calling a feature.


A-Maz-Ing !!!

Love it!


So the work on the neck has officially begun.
Template got made, and CNC drilling is complete.
Also template got made to specifically fit these Ultralites.


Here’s also rosewood slab, vintage frets and perloid block for inlays.


First baby step: swapping out the bridge on my Squier project J

Not exactly difficult to do.

Next: removing the gloss. As far as I researched, the 0000 steel wool I got for fret polishing is great for that, too. (Want to do that on my Ray34 if it works here).

Other ideas: make a wooden pick guard and when I did some first steps in soldering, replace the pickups (the pots feel anways like they need replacement).