Project Basses

Lol. I actually enjoy sharpening so the better money for me would probably be finer grit water stones. If I’m stopping to sharpen every 10 minutes that’s actually sort of fine. No time is money for me.


I love my Vintera II, but it felt a lil bit uncomfortable to play the E string, because I couldn’t place my thumb well. Today I found a design for a thumbrest on thingiverse and it’s great.


Is that 3D printed?


This is expensive. I was in to coticules and JNAT’s for a while for razors.

The synthetics are not bad though. I kept one of those for kitchen knives.

I have synthetic 400, 1200 ish and 5000 ish stones kicking around for kitchen knives, chisels, planes, etc. I’d probably only look at like a synthetic 8-10,000 stone on top and call it good.

And actually if I was going to buy something fancy from Lee valley I think it would be a smoothing plane to try. Sanding sucks, and I missed when vintage Stanley stuff was available for a song.




I wish it hangs down a little closer to the E string so my plug long finger won’t be too straight.


I will redesign it nearer to the E string. It was the first time I printed, so I didn’t changed anything. But for the next print I will definitely put the rest nearer to the e-string. Just need some time to figure out how the program works. For now I’m ok with it, but your right it will be more comfortable.


Yes that was my first impression, but I do like the idea. I don’t particularly like using the pickups as thumb rests as I feel that limits exactly where I must have my hand for plucking.


That’s the one drawback of my mustang, I could use something like that


It should be pretty easy to fashion a small bit of wood, with a bit of sanding/polishing to do the job.

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That’s awesome, if and when you do can you send me the STL files please. Thanks.

I have a few I’ll look them up and if you want I can send the STL your way.


*** '63 Hofner Artist - update ***

Bought a set of D’Addario XL169M rounds (from Amazon Returns because I’m a cheapskate and haven’t decided what I’m doing with the bass yet). Saved myself about £15 and got the right length: bonus! They sound better than really cheap flats.

It’s now in full working order, though the sewing machine oil hasn’t released the pots as much as I’d like. Not a whole lot I can do about that though as they’re not openable, and I really do not want to replace the originals with new ones.

Just the aesthetics to work on; a deep clean and a new pick guard - I fancy making an epoxy resin one (and keep the original in the spares box). I’m thinking antique white/ivory or mother of pearl effect to match the inlays and binding.

I suspect I’ll be putting it up for sale soon.

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i use a set of diamond plates for sharpening and would never go back to water or oil stones. diamonds are way easier to deal with and store.


Teaser pic

Used to look like this:

I’ll do a full write up in a day or so as I think I wired the jack backwards.
I got a controlled crackle in the finish which looks like dragon/dinosaur skin which I rather like


Those are popular! I had one and for knives they would be fine but for razors I really preferred the natural stones.

Follow up after sleep- I haven;t wired the jack backwards but it is humming like a champion with the tone open past about halfway.
It has shielding paint (I think) but I painted over it, I may need to expose some to earth it.

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I’ll send U the STL this week. But so far I have a prototype😅.


Oh man this is awesome. Are you into CAD/ CAM?

Here are some of mine


No, it’s the first time. I just spent my Sunday watching tutorials… :smile:

Thumbrest for Vintera II Mustang Bass by bozzer_wolf - Thingiverse i uploaded the file here and i’m glad i could help. If you need some changes, let me know.