Project Basses

La Bella Flats 760FS


Thanks, I think I’ll go with those when I set up a bass for flats.

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Sometimes things things just work out. My PBass was shipped Monday, and it’s on track to be here Friday, and it’s still showing on time. Which these days, isn’t a given.

My Geezer pickup, when I ordered it the web site said it would ship in 10-14 business days; that EMG makes the pickups to order. So happily surprised that it shipped today and should also be here Friday. Guess I know what I am doing
this weekend.


Hey I just noticed this thread. I’ve never built or refurbished a bass but I’m desperate to try it. The reason why is because my day job is owning a tabletop gaming store and we carry a line of awesome color changing metallic paints called TurboDork and they are so cool when used right that they would make a bass look so cool. Normally they are only sold in tiny 17ml bottles but I know the owner of the company and was thinking of getting him to send me a much bigger bottle of one of their colors. If you’re looking for an amazing paint job and don’t mind airbrushing 3-5 coats of paint on top of gloss black over the entire body of a bass (or just want cool ideas for a look to shoot for) check them out. They have a huge line of turbo shift color changers and regular Metallics in some cool colors as well. The color I’d kill to have a bass in is called 4-D Glasses.