Do we not have a classified section here or are listings for gear we would like to offer to members here discouraged?


look for “SAG - Selling Acquired Gear”


Buzzers regularly offer gear for sale to forum members at discounted prices, before they list it elsewhere.


Yup. Here you go:


Thanks Howard however I don’t see how this would be as effective as being able to list something in a classified forum here much like other forums use. I can link my Reverb Private Seller listings but don’t see how that would get the kind of exposure a separate listing here would. Has their been some objection to doing this by the Admin?


I’d like to get a used foot switch for the effects control on my Katana. The Boss GA-FC foot switch. Reverb has one i think for 60.00. Would save reaching for the amp to switch between effects. Anyone has one in good shape and willing to part, let me know? Only thing that deters people is payment methods. Be sure to use known payment options like Chime, Cash App, PayPal–> (if you want extra attached fees that is), etc. or the classic money order or cashiers check. Just make sure both parties agree to any terms set, shouldn’t be a problem. I am on a astronomy forum and they have a used gear section and most are done via PayPal and or Postal M.O. only as they can be tracked but so can Apps such as Chime and Cash App. All keep records of all transaction from and to.

Understood. I have had good luck listing in that thread but YMMV.

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I could be wrong, but I don’t think a classified section has ever been on Josh’s radar.

That’s a shame. It’s been quite effective elsewhere.

My issue with linking to Reverb or Ebay is my pricing there must take into consideration the costs associated with their fees. The buyer is also charged sales tax adding even more to their cost.

For instance; Reverb selling fees add roughly 9.2% to the selling price plus whatever sales tax is collected for the buyer location. Here it would be an additional 8.05%. On a $500 item that adds $90 to the buyers cost.

If I’m selling locally or via a forum classified none of that exists. I still get my $500 price and the buyer save a significant amount of money. It seems to be we would be much better off dealing with one another directly. JMHO

You don’t have to put it on reverb. Just list it in that thread. What exactly are you looking for in a classified section that isn’t available by posting?

yeah I don’t use reverb, I just sell there

Maybe I’m not understanding how they want it done here. Typically I would create a listing with photos just as I would on FB Marketplace or CL. Is this what you’re suggesting?

Sure - just create a post like that on that thread. There hasn’t been enough sales volume here to really require more than that… (IE separate section, filters, etc)



Forget Reverb, or wherever. Just create a post in the SAG thread, list your gear for sale, its sweet, sweet selling price to Buzzers (no tax necessary), payment entity you accept (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, etc.), shipping details (free, shared, buyer’s nickel), etc.

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Thanks guys. I have some top shelf stuff listed locally and on Reverb but would also like to give folks here a shot at it as well.

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@soulman That thread has been around since BassBuzz was a lot smaller than it is now. May be it is time for us to have a new Classified category.

What say you @JoshFossgreen?
Do you want a full Classified category?

@eric.kiser , we do have the SAG forum and, seriously, how often are items actually listed for sale there? However, it is there and does allow for the movement of gear, and usually better prices for those in the forum.

My concern with the addition of a “classifieds” section, such as that on Talk Bass Classifieds, is attracting the addition of a large amount of members whose actions and discussions in their forums, has been previously referenced here as something that is not desirable.



yeah agreed


Well said. @booker_t. I agree. Say no to a BassBuzz classified ads thread.

This BassBuzz forum was created by our trusty bass teacher to be for and about B2B students, as a sane and safe harbor on the Internet, intended for learning and sharing. Paying forward has been an unspoken and unanimously accepted rule of forum engagement, which is ultra-rare online.

Infrequent and often generous offers of gear, both discounted and even free, have been a hallmark of everyone’s care for each other. That care springs from @JoshFossgreen, who continues to share new free and valuable content.

For these reasons, let’s not attract those whose only reason to come here would be to want another venue to sell shit. Just my opinion.