Quiet Band Practice

Hi Guys

Hope this is OK to ask in here. My band are struggling for rehearsal space at the moment, so we are using an attic room, however, we need to keep it quiet.

Is there a way to use a mixing desk and each of us use headphones to hear everything together without spending hundreds of pounds ?

We have guitar, vocals, bass (Me:)) and an electric drum kit.

Any advise would be great as we are not too hot on studio/PA gear.


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If you have a mixing desk, you could use a headphone amplifier with multiple headphone outputs to connect to. Something along those lines maybe…

I haven’t got any experience with those things however :wink:

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Assuming you have electronic drums - yes. I think you’ll need a mixer and a headphone amplifier. Behringer has good, inexpensive options for both. For mixers a 1202 or 1204 would be great but you could probably get away with an 802 for ~$50 used. I have a 1204 with USB so that it is also my DAI that I got for under $100 used on ebay. Then just plug that into something like the Behringer Ha400 microphone amplifier and up to four people can listen to the mix (and each control their own volume).


Thanks for that, I kinda figured that would be the way to go…I’ll have a look at those suggestions, thanks again.

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So I’ve been thinking more - and there’s the problem of being able to hear yourself in the mix. So for the solution I proposed, you’d set the volumes for all your input instruments, and that would be the ONE mix that everyone would listen to - but if you’re playing rhythm guitar or something you might be mixed pretty low and have trouble hearing yourself? Does anyone know of a way you could take the overall feed from the mixer… and then blend that back with your own instrument somehow?

(I thought of this, because it’s essentially what I do in Rocksmith. The PC gives me a mix of the whole “band” including the realtime bass part I’m playing - but I combine that with a feed direct from my bass - that way I can adjust my bass part vs the overall mix on a per-song basis).
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Might look into an in-ear system for your band. Great for gigs too!

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Some sound boards have multiple. Auxiliary outputs and you can adjust the mix on each output. I know the Yamaha one I use at church does this.

Most mixers should have at minimum a main, a headphone, and a control room out, each with separate levels. If they don’t, find one that does and buy it instead :slight_smile:

Interesting challenge!

So, yes, electronic drums will solve one of your problems. But… what about the singer?? He/she will have to sing at full (natural) volume no matter what (otherwise, it would sound weak/forced/unnatural), and so from the outside, someone else in the house or the neighbors might still hear the singer at the top of his/her voice.

How would one deal with this challenge?

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image or a self made booth :sweat_smile:


I have this problem now and it sucks, it’s really limiting.

I have tried this and unfortunately it’s not as effective as you would think.


I can imagine :grimacing:

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Time to go hiding in the closet :joy: