Recording yourself

I know! Sebastiaan wrote this (as should be evident), and played the bass on it too.

I think I’ll have to have a go at transcribing it myself…


A DAI is basically a dedicated sound card in a box connected via USB. What it will get you over the line in on a sound card:

  • More (and more appropriate, connector-wise) inputs and outputs
  • Less noise
  • Usually a clean neutral gain preamp/boost
  • Direct headphone monitor out, usually with a separate volume control
  • For good ones, a lot more flexibility - for example with mine you can record, monitor, and send to your amp, in any combination, with level controls on each
  • No need for your amp to be in front of the input
  • If you use a mic, they usually provide phantom power

What you will lose:

  • Money, they aren’t free like your sound card :slight_smile: