Removable thumb rest

Interesting product…


You know, funnily enough what I really want is a thumb rest that feels like a string. I spend a significant percentage of my time using the E and A strings as thumb rests and when I have to switch to the pickups (never in the right place and my acoustic doesn’t have one anyway) they just feel wrong.

I need to make myself a thumb rest which incorporates a string at exactly the same height as the existing strings and exactly the same separation. Hmmm there’s a project for me. In particular how to get the tension on the string.

Or buy a 5 string…

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Now there’s a thought! :rofl:

“Why do you play a 5 string?”

“Oh…I just wanted a thumb rest!”


Why don’t you make one? I used a 2 inch long piece of 1/2" wood dowel, split in lengthwise. Stain or paint then attach it with a small strip of 3M ultra sticky double sided tape right in the sweet spot where you want it. I also did the same thing with a wrist rest that spans across the strings. Allows me to set my wrist on a “bench” and play with a pick. Only way to do a 4-5 hour gig.

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