Say hello to Hippy Josh

If you are new to Bassbuzz like me you may be unaware that Josh released an earlier series of YouTube videos called 'Bass In Your Face". They are still good videos and worth checking out if no other reason than to see a fresh-faced Josh trying out a variety of different hairstyles (just search for Josh Fossgreen on YouTube rather than Bass Buzz). Here’s one of him shot about the time he was also working as a stunt double for John Paul Jones. Think Led Zeppelin really reformed in 2007? Think again!

(15) The Blues Scale For Bass + “Sunshine Of Your Love” (Cream) - YouTube


I think that’s the wrong video?

Can verify the method in that video works though, I did it recently with business cards :slight_smile:

It certainly is. Weird, when I previewed it, it was the correct video!! Give me a minute

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Well, that was totally weird. When I went back in to edit the post the preview still showed the video I wanted to link to, but when you viewed it you got a Caterham video??? Not that bizarre as I have lots of saved Caterham videos (my other love, but possibly not of a lot of interest to many bassists). Screen grab below just to confirm I’m not going mad. All I can think of is that my wife got her Covid jab yesterday and she may have infected my computer with her new alien DNA. Anyway I’ve posted a link to a different video so lets see if that works

There are a couple threads on this forum with old videos of Josh as a hippy, prior to his clean cut B2B days.
I’m just glad YouTube (or the internet) wasn’t around when I was younger LOL.


Sorry but I’m not sure why this is even a post… even in the lounge… Is it to make fun of someone? I don’t get it. Maybe we should all share pictures of our past and see where that goes…


Well, I’m sorry you feel that way Russ but as the main purpose of the post seems to have escaped you, it’s to let people know that other videos from Josh are available. Can’t see how it’s making fun of Josh personally. It’s just a bit of humour. I know Josh has a great sense of humour but if he’s offended by it in any way by all means he can delete it. If you are offended by it just move on.

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It’s good to drop pointers to his other channel from time to time. Lots of great content there. I used to post links periodically myself.

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I love Josh’s old YouTube videos. He doesn’t mind us posting them and having a bit of fun with them, he laughs at his former self along with us.


I agree… and I didn’t see any ill intent on this…

I always wonder how old he is when I look at the dramatic difference from just a few years back.

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Josh knows we all love him to death and has a great sense of humor about these things. For example, I dug up this old video he made and posted (so clearly he wants people to see it!).

And about ten posts into that he posted about it being funny. He’s a cool cat.

As long as things are done with good intentions, I think they will be accepted as such.