Schecter diamond series bass

Can anyone tell me what schecter basses are like .
There is a diamond series 5 string for sale at a cash
Converters near me.
They are asking $800 for it ?




I love this bass. I dont play it as much because I am still very much in the learning stages, and I know it can be done just fine, I am keeping my learning 4 string for now. That said, I take out and just jam it fairly regularly, just not as much as my 4 strings.

That said, It am actively seeking a match, the 4 string of the very same model, era and color.
There is a used one same era, model, but wrong color. I may still go look at and try to get a great deal, but I really really want a matching orange one. And I have some awesome Basses that feel very similar to play while I wait.

I would say my Schecter, and others I have played, feel a lot like ESP LTD’s. Another brand Ilove for same reasons. They just feel right.
More so then Ibanez SR’s, and I have and love those too.


That’s my Elite 5 on the left top, and bottom pic is the add I saw when I bought it.
I got the Harte Amp head and 8 x 10 stack, with a hard case, leather strap, new set of strings, and the bass itself for $400.

I sold the Amp Head for $100.
I just finally sold the Cab last weekend for $250.
So everything else ended up costing me $50.

Now: if only I can find a deal like that for the 4 string, and end up getting it for like $50


I just Red the last line @b.s.excavations.
I need to know the model (most are Diamond series) and if possible, see a picture.

Yes, some models retail for $1300 - $1400.

The equivalent model to my elite 5 is $1289 retail. New they sell for that, or sometimes discounted to $899 .
It really needs to be a Studio 5 and be a neck thru build to be what they are asking. I still find them used for $400 to $600. A lot depends on how knowledgeable the seller is.

it may be a fair price, or you may be able to offer them a better price, the more I know about the particular bass, the more I can help.

It still comes down to your preference. Have you played it? Do you like it? Have you run a search for Schecters in your area to see what going rates are?


We’re talking Aussie dollars aren’t we B.S.excavations ?


What’s the conversion?? I cant tell ya whey is a cold dealif Idont know the conversion.


Around $525 usd


Thanks, Will have to wait for the reply to gibberish the info about that bass


Hi @T_dub @mac
Here is picture of fret board
It is in Aussie dollars
I haven’t asked to have close look,
Just wanted a little feedback before I proceed further.
Thank you all in advance for your assistance, I love the inlays in the fretboard on it
Cheers brian


Just looking at the color, it looks very much like the “OTHER” color my ‘06 Stilleto Elite 5 is. Same build era that began in or around 2000, and went into the 2010 years, not sure when they changed it. Their website, at least the USA site ( yes, I live probably 30-45 miles from their USA factory, never have been yet however) has all their catalogs online, dating back before 2000 IIRC, so I could find out when it changed.
But, the color is the same, however, mine does not have the fret inlays, so it could be a different Stilleto, or models they call C-4 and C-5, 6 etc…
Those have a high value as well, but I believe they are bolt on necks, which is fine.
I think it is worth investigating, but I think we need to figure out the right price to offer.

If your Pawn shop is anything like the two I was at today, you should be able to get a much better price.

Since we are talking about getting a better deal, I should give you an example by telling you what just happened to happen today.

Pawn shop #1
I been eyeballing an ESP LTD B-205 for a while. It’s been on Offer Up for 3 months, and the same place keeps selling other Basses, including an ESP LTD B-105 ( both 5 strings), but not this one, it is priced higher, reflecting the Model number, and is the most gorgeous “non orange, and non natural wood grain” bass I have seen for sale at this price point.
It was on Offer Up for $240. The B-105 was for $180. When I got there, it had a sticker for $299, so right away, I figured the price was set, but since I made an appointment to see it (this store was by appointment, or online only, I couldn’t even buy any pedals or amps if I wanted and would have to go back on June 2nd. I didn’t want anything else, just illustrating their policy during Covid) I played it thru a spectacular Trace Elliot 4x10 combo (listed at $400, but I am not getting amps anymore). And the thing was awesome. Bolt on neck (my EspLtd B4E is 4. And neck thru) but the neck was awesome, thin, narrow, and did not feel so much more then my B4E neck. It felt great. Strings a little closer together then my Schecter 5 ( which still feels great, you just know it’s a 5 string for sure.
Anyway, I will stop rambling. Long story less long. I asked if he had a set screw for the loose knob. He did not, so I asked if he had room to drop the price. He said cuz of the knob, he would go $220. I said it’s $240 on Offer up already. He said yeah, ai will drop $20.
I bribed a bit, and said, I got &175 with me, I will buy it for that. He said hold on, went to talk to the boss (I think, could have just walked to the back and came right back. He said ok.
I pulled out my money, loose in my back pocket, and counted it out, it was $155. I said “§H!¥, I got $155, will you take that”. He said sorry , $175 is the lowest, and it’s a one time deal.
I said I would go check my car to see if I have any more money, which I did of course. And went and got the other $20 and walked out with this.

I don’t think it’s ever been played. If it has, it was restored perfectly after it was. The only setback is the Mid knob is loose, needs a set screw.

There is a point to this story, but here is the next pawn shop I went to from there.

Pawn Shop 2

Pedal board.
I just bought a pedalboard from Amazon, it arrived last night. I have not set it up, only threw a bunch of my equipment on it to see if it will fit. It’s a relatively small board, 14 x 12 inches, I think it is like 35cm x 27cm if my conversion is accurate, it is truly a metric size, I just rounded off the top much measurement listed in the add.

So there was this really nice, larder, 2tier pedalboard in the corner of PS#2, which is called HB Cuitar and Pawn. I thought, hey, nice, how much. Looked at the price, it was $69.
I decided to buy it, and send the amazon back. This is probably a $200 board new, maybe more, possibly as low as $120, idk, but for me to grow into, a much better option. It already is covered with Velcro too.
So I thought, I will buy it for $69, but I know these guys, prob get a deal, I will offer $50.
I asked, hey, you guys have any other boards? Smaller ones? He replied, not not right now. I said “crap, I like this, but it’s pretty big. “Does it have a gig bag”. He said “no, but what’s the price on it. $69, hmm, if you want it, you can have it for $50.
“Yes, awesome.”
But the gigs not up yet, I still got an ace in my pocket. I looked in my wallet before meeting him at the counter. I want to pay cash, so no tax, just straight up. But in my wallet I have $165.
One $100 bill, three $20’s and a $5.
I pulled out $45 ( still might get charged tax if he rings it up and gives change. I told him, “$h!T, Ionly got $45, can you do that.
He said yes, take it, see ya in a few days, lol. I go in a bit, they have huge selection, and is the only music shop open now. They have almost everything a guitar bass store has, and a lot new, strings, straps, cords, tools, capos, and turn around a lot of pedals too, some NIB.

Anyway, this is going back to amazon, for a $55 refund

And I am keeping this, cost $45

Ok, after all that, how does this relate to your Schecter Dilema? Well, I am gonna research it a little bit, and find a good price point, and come up with a number in USD, . You do the conversion, and then we pick a price you will offer, and are willing to pay. Then use some of my tactics to drive the price down so we can get you that bass for the lowest selling price possible.
Not only is it easy to use these little tricks, like knowing you have less then you are willing to spend on you, with reserve cash in the car, and pointing out every flaw, like a set screw, or the board is too big, and has no bag, it’s easy to do, and kind of fun. And you sure feel accomplished when you get it how you wanted to get it, and you have a good story to tell.

I will get back to you in a bit, gonna browse thru their catalogs, looking for color and fret inlays to nail down the era and model.


Ok, I figured out what it is, but first let me ask you.

The bass behind it is an ESP LTD. not only is it an ESP, equally as favored to me as Schecter, but it is a FREAKING TOM ARAYA SIGNATURE MODEL.

Why are you not buying that. If I saw that for sale, for that price, which is what? $300 USD or so?
I would not think twice and buy it. Even tho I have now sworn off buying Basses, and am now considering selling 2 of mine.
Even tho, I would get it.

But anyway, here is your Bass.
Schecter Damien Elite 5
Very nice bass. You can tell by the fret inlays, they are unique to this model.

I do not know year, this is 2012 catalog, the first I opened. Not sure price then, they are no longer made.

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Ok, it is for sure 2012 or later, possibly that year alone. The first 2 digits of the serial number. So if it starts 12, it is a 2012.
I can’t get much on price. They are lower price version of the hellraiser, which is still made, and is $1700, sale for $1169. The Damien offered today is not an extreme or elite, just regular and it’s like $600. If they had the extreme today, I think it would be around $1200.
$400 us sounds like a good price, maybe try for $350

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I want that Tom Araya BTW, buy and ship please.

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G’day mate,
I have a Schecter Sixx Bass from the Diamond series and it’s a cracker.
The quality is amazing and when you pick it up it just feels good.
You know when you feel something and it just feels good?
Well that’s what this is like.
You don’t have to know anything about guitars to know.
Sounds wise mine was designed for Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue which is my fav band, so it has a solid rock sound to it.
It’s deep, throaty and has a real punch.
Being an active bass you can really crank up the volume if you have the amp to do it which I don’t.
It comes with a kill switch as standard which I wasn’t too sure about at first, but know I use it all the time.
If there was any negative to it, it’s bloody heavy.
It weights in at 4.8kg or 10lb so if you are small in frame size then maybe not for you.
I’m a solid 6’1” guy at 220lb so I handle it ok.
Overall I give it the thumbs up.


Very nice, @rory . . . :slight_smile:

The body reminds me somewhat of a Gibson Thunderbird.

Wishing you great success with it!

Cheers, Joe


Nice. I agre with the “just feels right”. To me, Schecters ( everyone I ever picked up); ESP LTD (everyone I ever picked up) and anything from Ibanez SR line just feel right. I have limited experience with Yamaha, but the one I played with was same, it just felt right, except the neck pick up, it made it wrong for me, but if it were not for that, it felt right. Just to be fair to Yamaha too.

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The first bass I bought was a Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 string - I had no idea what I was buying at the time, just went with the positive online reviews. I still have it, and it’s still a gem - for $300, I figured I couldn’t go too wrong. For the quality, Schecter seems to me to be just as good as other brands that advertise more, or that you hear about more. I’m sure their higher end basses are better too, than what I have.

I’m about to do a project on that bass, file the nut a bit to tune it to BEAD, using the B string on a 5 string set, but on a 4 string bass. I just want those really low notes, but on a 4 string bass! Plus, I think it’s gonna look kick ass - Schecters have a wild look to them anyway!


Yay another BEAD :slight_smile:


That sounds cool., what do you play for your normal four string now.i really want an Elite4 for my main rotation, of primarily 3 Basses that I play daily. It would be a fourth. I love the neck thru design. I have it on my Elite 5, and my LTD B4E.


I’m like you, the Ibanez SR series are just awesome! I have an SR870 that’s my baby :heart_eyes: ! Haven’t pulled the trigger on any other bass yet though, but been sampling a bunch (well, back when things were still open I was!). I like the ESP basses too.