Schecter diamond series bass

They are something else. In my mind, they are two quality barands that fly a little under the radar in the bass world. Those that know them, do, but those that don’t, do not know anything. Schecter probably a little more.

It may be they don’t really have a Beginner line of Basses, or anything that sells under $500. ESP LTD May have sub $500, but not by much.


ESPs were popular in the '80s in the US, at least for metal guitars. They apparently had some kind of hiatus in the late '90s, don’t know too much about it though. They are very popular here of course. Mostly for their domestically made custom lines, though the LTDs are too. Basically ESP and Ibanez fuel a lot of rock and metal here.

They’re awesome, very nice instruments.


Yeah, the guitars are popular or sure, and Schecter, Zack Wyilde plays Schecter, Al Jourgenses, Sean Ysault. Koran Bassist. They are not unknown. In music land, where I live in LA basically, but you talk to a lot of guitarists from other states, they are like, “what’s a Schecters”.

Some popularity is regional


It’s good to hear so many positives on Schecter. I really didn’t know much about them until about 1 week ago.

I’m in the market for another 5 string. In the thread about 5 strings I asked the other day, and I don’t think there were any responses on Schecter.

The tones on something like the Stiletto Studio 5 sound awesome. It’s near the top of my list for affordability too.

Thanks for the beta.


Hey @T_dub
I did the conversation and it works out at just under $400 usd
Not sure if it comes with a case and not sure on shipping cost to US.
It is Saturday afternoon here so I couldn’t get back into the store until our Monday which is your Sunday afternoon/ evening.
If you are interested I can go back and do some serious negotiations on the 2 as a package??
Let me know what you think.
Cheers Brian


Looks nice @rory
I agree it looks like a thunderbird


Ok, got the weekend to think about it. Cool. Thanks for entertaining the idea. I will let you know how interested I am well before Monday.


Actually I didn’t know Alain Jourgensen used one. Cool. I like a lot of the stuff he and Paul Barker did over the years - older Ministry, RevCo, etc. I’ve actually been a fan through all their styles; interesting dudes. Even going way back, Twitch was a great album for what it was, and very different from their later styles. Their first album was more of a mixed bag but there were a couple solid club singles that came after it as well.

And RevCo just cracks me up.


No problems @T_dub


Yep, I love them too.
Plus Gibby Haines and The Butthole Surfers.
I absolutely love ( tho I have not heard it in forever) “ Indapendant Worm Saloon”.
Great album, I will have to get a YT of “ Who was in my room Last Night” on good music Friday. I used to play that on guitar. I just found out one of my next bass covers. Maybe I will aim for that for my first recording bass cover.

Yup! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Was gonna post this on the Project Bass thread, but, since Schecters have their own thread now…!

This is a Stiletto Extreme, I completed B2B on it, really a gem of a bass, but wanted to do a mod on it because I wasn’t playing it as much these days. So, got some Ernie Ball heavy gauge strings for a 5 string bass (the B string is 0.135!), and used the 4 lowest strings on this bass.

It required some tools from a basic setup kit, and a little know how of doing your own setups, but these are skills worth learning to do your own setups. The nut had to be filed down for each string slot. Nothing scientific about this, I just filed until each string fit! This was the only part you can’t un-do - you’d have to buy a new nut if you messed it up.

The other parts were just a slight truss rod adjustment, saddle heights, and intonation - all of which it needs with the slightly heavier strings in each spot. This baby looks wild, and plays some serious f*#kin’ low notes now! :metal:


I love it.
Yeah, if I can find that in Orange, I am all over it.

What year is it, mine is Elite, I believe the Studio took over the Elite model, as they are both neck thru. The Extreme is bolt on, correct? I believe that is the only difference. Mine is an ‘06.

One other difference, mine only had a fret inlay on the 12th fret. I don’t recall from memmory if the Studio does this as well.

Your color however, BCH (Black Cherry) if I am correct, seems like it is between ‘00 and ‘12. Is that accurate?

The color I am after is HSB (Honey Sunburst) I beleive. Going by memmory, which gets worse and worse each day it seems.

Great job, I bet it growls!!!
I love the playability of these Basses, the neck feels so good.


Thanks man! It’s a good project to do, as it’s not too crazy of a mod, and, in a way, you sort of have a new bass when done. Got the idea from these forums actually, @Griff and @howard did this, and I sort of went with the idea. I’ve tried 5-string basses, but never connected with them, so this is a way to have that feeling in a 4 string, for music that doesn’t use the higher registers.

I think it’s an '11 or '12, if I remember, you can’t really tell from the serial # with Schecters! Yeah, bolt on neck.

For sure!


SWEET! Another BEAD :slight_smile:

Love that B-string, it will love you back.


Yes you can. The first 2 numbers are the year, just FYI👍🏻


Maybe I will try one out. I have two 5 strings. However, I love playing them, but I do get tripped up a bit. But with a BEAD, I could learn the upper register, then combine the two so it doesn’t feel as strange.

Or just play my 5 string like it’s a BEAD instead of a EADG with a low B, and soon enuf just be playing a BEADG :+1:t2:

Maybe, just maybe I will do it to my GSR200 instead of selling it. I do like the idea of a project, and a reason to play the GSR200.


It’s not too tough to do, you’ll need to file and adjust the nut correctly to accomodate the larger strings at a playable height, and then you might need to file a bridge saddle or lower the bridge a bit if the B string sits too high even after lowering the saddle all the way.


Yeah, I am not concerned about the work, Just not sure if I am keeping that bass or not? If I do keep it, or find some rediculously cheap bass to get to do it on, I probably will.

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YES @Vik!! About time you took the BEAD bass plunge!! You’re gonna love playing on those suspension bridge cables!! Thing is, the frequencies of those low strings do take up quite a bit of the sound spectrum so you’ll find that when you do use that .135” B string, (especially within the first 10 or so frets) you’ll need to either give it plenty of note space or be very cognizant of effective string muting…

Good Luck!!
Keep on Thumpin’!


On a related note, the BB734 does BEAD well :slight_smile:

Erik’s videos are what convinced me to finally try one.

It’s easy to miss at the start but he’s also running that through both a B7K and a B3K, fronted by a cranked SuperSymmetry to get that tone going. Looks like the Alpha Omicron is off. Wouldn’t want TOO much dirt, hahaha. $750 of Darkglass was enough :slight_smile:

Nice demo of a Line6 Helix pitch-shifting the Attitude down a fifth as well.