Schecter Riot 4

Anyone played the Schecter Riot 4. It looks pretty sick, but very little info on them? Saw a great demo/review of the 5 string.


They look really nice! I would look a bit into the EMG pups for what type of sound you can get. The X series claims to have a wider frequency response. More lows and highs. The EMG 35TW is a popular pup for metal/rock and I assume these pups for the RIOT are a bit more versatile.


For what it’s worth, the Schecter Studio 4 is my main bass and I love it - comfortable, great sound, and looks badass.


Wow the Riot is beautiful :heart_eyes:


I hope to get a Schechter someday as they have a lot of left hand models. Let us know how you like it if you get it.


This guy has the 5 string and looks to have done some reasonable demos.

Bass demo/review. He mentions he rang EMG to ask about the pickups

Different EMGs

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The pickups are pretty versatile. I know they get marketed for more rock applications, but if you dial back on the mids and treble they can be very mellow.

The X series has a a preamp circuit, the X, built into each pickup. This tweaks the sound to make it more “natural” or “open”, over their normal pickups. They come on some ESP models, like my Stream 1004. One thing you get is althought its a PJ set in a soapbar housing, there’s no hum.

The TW is a different beast altogether. It combines a CS style humbucker with a singtle coil Jazz pickup. Essentially you get two pickups in one, using a switch to change between them.

So yes they are very versatile as you can flip from a dual humbucker bass to a jazz bass just by flicking a switch. Or you could go Jazz on the neck and Humbucker on the bridge. A lot of tonal combinations are possible.

My Surveyor 400 came with a MMTW at the bridge and a 40P4 at the neck…I didn’t like this combination. The MM version with it’s big magnets was very boomy, which I can work with, but it tended to overpower the P, and finding a balance in their voices was a bit of work. I swapped them out for Delanos and am much happier.

I think the humbucker version would be more manageble. Also the TW has some restrictions on the blend pot due to its signal insertion.

Higher end ESP Stream basses come with some combination of EMG PX/JX or P/J pickups. My stream 1004 is a 40PX/40JX model.

The 35 and 40 relate to size. A 35 pickup is 3.5 " in length, a 4 string humbucker; the 40 is 4 inches in length, a 5 string humbucker. The EMG standard for naming is used by other companies and is an industry standard. Humbuckers are generally sized in either Bartolini sizes or EMG sizes by the manufactuers now.

Although use of the term Humbucker is innacurate. Any pickup which is hum free is a humbucker; a split P pickup is a humbucker. My Jazz bass has linear humbuckers which look for all the world like single coil Jazz pickups. Soapbar is more accurate if less used.


Thanks @Wombat-metal you certainly know your stuff.

Although I like lots of styles, I’m definitely a big Rock and Metal fan :metal:

I’ve got an ESP LTD M1000NT guitar in see through purple. It’s almost calling out to the Riot 4 in Aurora Burst.

Still early days in my search, but hope to at least be able to try this one.

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Well, I wasn’t very patient and went out and tried this at a local store. I played it for about 30mins at the store and it felt so comfortable in my hands, the neck is just silkly smooth. It certainly helped that it looked like a beast as well.

Now I’ve had this for a few months now, been holding off posting until I had played it a while as I’m still learning. Very happy with it and got a pretty decent price as well compared to other stores in Australia.

Not the best light, but here are a couple of pics of my baby.


Very nicely done!!! That is a great looking bass!!! Schecter makes some high quality instruments that punch way above their price point. They also have fantastic customer service, should you ever need it.



Thanks Chris, hopefully I don’t need it.

I’d love one of their guitars as well, but I already have a few other guitars so that probably won’t happen.

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Man, i dig a schecter conversation. And that there is a full on sick bass, my friend. Good grab!

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Thanks, it certainly does look pretty sick.

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I would love to have one, because that thing is for real. But a person can only play one at a time. And I’ve already got several.:disappointed:

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Ha, ha. That’s what my wife tells me :grin:. Would be different if I played for a living.
I’ve got 2 bass and 4 guitars and I still want more guitars.

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Yeah, i got something similar. But as problems go, it isn’t a bad one to have.

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