Selling my Peddleboard (but now I'm not)

I’m going to be selling my ENTIRE pedal board on Reverb as a package deal. I want to give the BassBuzzers first crack at it. I haven’t priced it out yet, but trust me, it will be a killer deal. I’d prefer not to remove the pedals and sell them separately, so I’m going to try it this way first. If interested, let me know. I’ll be happy to answer any questions. The board and all the pedals are less than a year old. The travel bag has never been used.
Here are the details with photos below:
Temple Audio Peddle Board

Temple Audio DUO 17 Templeboard - Temple Red (Customized)

⦁ Temple Audio Mini Module Punched Plate
⦁ Temple Audio IEC AC Mains Micro Module (AC Power)
⦁ Caline guitar Pedal Power Supply High Current 8 Isolated DC Output
for 500mA 300mA 9V 12V 15V 18V Effect Pedal with
Adjustable Output Voltage, Short Circuit and
Over Current Protection CP-202
⦁ Temple Audio 4-Way Jack Patch Module
⦁ Temple Audio Duo 17 Soft Case
⦁ Assortment of Quick Release Pedal Plates

Pedals: (All documentation included)


That’s quite the collection!


Wow! @PamPurrs…literally cutting many cords!
If you don’t sell the lot I will gladly buy the tube screamer from you.


I’ll keep you in mind, you’ll be the first one I offer it to.


Best of luck selling it off in one go if it works out this way. Great collection too by the way!


Lots of great pedals there. POG is great and in my opinion the EHX Bass Clone is the best sounding bass chorus you can buy, easily beating much more expensive pedals. And of course the Tube Screamer. Clamped on to one of the best boards you can buy :slight_smile:


Awesome collection, unfortunately I doubt I have the funds to take em all (wish I did though), hopefully it finds a good home but if you end up selling them individually I am in the market for an EHX chorus.


It really is, I have been researching chorus pedals since getting one is next on my list and of all the demo videos I have viewed that one has the best sound IMO.


I would be willing to trade this peddle board straight up for a Stingray like the one @T_dub has for sale (hint hint)


This one?

Its not a short scale, and I would not consider it light, it might weigh more then my EBMM Stingray SLO special, but just barely. It does weigh more than the Ray4.

Wait, don’t you have an SVT? Thats the one pedal I want.
I would almost give you the bass just so you would keep your pedalboard, but I need money more than pedals, Unfortunately.
it would be much harder to pass if there was an SVT on it.
Is that the one pedal you are keeping?
Are you using your DAW more then your pedals now?
What about live shows when everything opens up. Do you just like the sound of the Hoffner so much you don’t need any pedals?




Tech 21 VT bass I mean.


No that’s the one I’m keeping, sorry.


Yeah, thats supposed to be a great pedal. It is one I am missing, just don’t know If I will ever be getting one, unless I sell some other stuff, because I have no spare change at the moment, or in the foreseeable future.


Pam, curious to hear the thought process behind your decision? What is going to be your way forward with respect to sound shaping and effects?

Again, just curious to see whether you are following a certain “philosophy” here (like @howard, for instance) and what it is; if your reasons are none of my business, then just tell me so - I completely understand :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@joergkutter I don’t mind you asking at all…
The fact is, I never use most of those pedals. The only one I actually used is the Tube Screamer, but now that I have the VT Bass DI, I have all the overdrive I want/need. I haven’t found a practical use for the chorus, octaver or reverb, and I do my compression in Reaper. If I do happen to want/need any extra effects, I can add those in Reaper or Davinci Resolve (my video editor).
As far as playing live, if and when that day ever comes, and I find the need for effects (other than my VT Bass) I will go back to a simple multi-effects stomp box such as the Zoom or Line 6.


Thanks, Pam! yes, I saw now in another thread that you had mentioned those reasons (and I am soooo behind on reading stuff…).

If I may, asking for a “practical” reason to have chorus, octaver, reverb, etc. is perhaps the wrong way to look at it. I don’t have an octaver, but I have chorus and reverb now and I find them most of all “fun” to play with. Not always, not exclusively, but depending on the song or the mood you want to go for, they are really neat and even inspiring.

But, yes, if you are mainly going the “Howard” way, and for similar reasons, then I guess actual physical pedals are not necessary.

I guess we all go through these phases, where what once seemed gospel is now no longer relevant, but might become de rigueur again in a year or so; mostly following our better understanding of what is possible and what we want to achieve.

I wasn’t interested in pedals at all until a few months ago; as in NOT AT ALL. Now, I am happy with two cool real-life pedals I can touch and tweak the knobs and so on, and feel they are superior to plug-ins (without really knowing what some plug-ins can do) and I don’t have to use a mouse or even open my computer to enjoy a mighty reverb etc.

Anyhoo, this got a little long… thanks for elaborating and good luck with selling the whole package as one!!


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