Share and record your playing even if your bad

i think everybody should record what your playing even if you’re really bad. watching pros and amazing players are great and all but i feel it can sometimes discourage people to keep playing because that gap between them is so huge. so even if you bad and your Technique isn’t good, i think you should record and share it anyways. this might sound harsh but i think its ok to see someone else struggle because now you know there is someone else out there who feels the same way you do. I hope somebody understands where I’m coming from. sorry if this doesn’t sound good, I’m not use to voicing my opinions


Your wish is my command :slight_smile:


And even if you don’t share, recording (and/or videotaping) yourself can be beneficial as a kind of video/audio diary, where you might more easily see your progress… something perhaps impossible as you mostly improve gradually in tiny increments and not in huge quantum leaps. So, doing this could in fact be a very important motivational tool for yourself!!


Hi @dualspiral66. As @Howard pointed out, do checkout the “Post your practice fragments” thread. That thread encourages people to post one-minute recordings of what they’re working on, without a full backing track, and “encourages” recordings that contains mistakes. Less polish; more posting!

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Well, I do have a YouTube video about my struggles with fretting and it’s basically a cry for help, if that makes sense. :sweat_smile: