"Share some good music" Friday

A little bass-prominent something for us non-metal-heads.


yeah, enough metal for today, sorry if I shared too much, let stick to heavy rock ! :grin: … in fact it’s pretty easy to listen, nothing too heavy here.

Electric Six is a strange band, very sarcastic but the songs are great and the bass lines have something I love : they really serve the songs. What I want to say is that, sometime the lines can be very simple, sometimes much more complicated, but every time they are right to the music. It just sounds right. That said I don’t like the bass tone very much, it sounds a bit too focused to me (maybe a bit cartoonish, very “jazz-bass like”, not to say a jazz bass tone is bad but … well I prefer a wider low-mid spectrum). Anyway I love this band.

If you’re into guitar, listen to the reverse chords, they sound great and very appropriate. I love reverse chords, as drop tuning it’s a lifestyle :grin:

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I love it! Until the vocals start, haven’t been able to deal with that sound to date. I struggle through Meshuggah because the math nerd in me loves it though. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I’m spinning today!

There’s so much good music in this thread I need to catch up on!


@terb, oops! That wasn’t meant as a complaint - just something different. Hope I didn’t offend you!

One of the first songs that, back when it was released, made me realize how well effects can work with the bass.


you won’t offend me as easily :grin:

Happy to share other stuff too :slight_smile:

I’ve been sharing a lot of metal recently but it’s not actually my favorite genre, I just like it and have been listening to a lot recently.

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+1 :rofl:

Thanks, @PeteP!

Gail Ann Dorsey playing Under Pressure with Bowie. She plays a 5-string so I automatically love her. She’s plays awesome bass and has a sweet singing voice.


She is so good.

“Friday” means ‘the whole weekend’, right?

It’s early(ish) Sunday morning as I share this, and after a sleepless night because of my poorly old Labrador, Ben, I woke from a 1 hour nap with this band in my head. Laid back covers of some 80s classics. They were stripping back tunes before most of the recent glut of artists.

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“Blue Monday” on a Sunday in a Friday thread!?! Yeah, OK, I let it pass :grin:

Sorry to hear about your lab, @PeteP - hope he is hanging in there!? :dog:

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Argh, now that’s messing with my head: so many wrong days!

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