"Share some good music" Friday

Shabooh Shoobah is such a great album. I still listen to “To Look At You” all the time.

excellent album of stoner/psych rock with 70’s vibes

mostly because bowie looked like a rock god and eno looked like a math professor


This actually likely was it. Bowie was a master of self promotion and, yeah, the Ziggy phase. Image was huge with him.

There’s only been a few others that successful at cultivating their image. The most similar current one I can think of is Gackt, but he’s basically Japan’s Bowie.

RIP Steve Albini…

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Bikini Beach Vampire Love Vaporwave (youtube.com)

Mina, lead bass

New album release day for both Unleash the Archers and Crownshift

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Holy Moly, I think you are the first person I have ever met that knows these guys. Although I didn’t realise they had more than one album. I have their first one.


My absolute favourite band (since last weekend) : Big Special!!!

Then I can be the second :grin: I haven’t listened to them for years but had the first album and listened to it loads at the time. I really loved this tune:

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Saw this live this weekend. The bridge is super vocally impressive, and the bass was mixed way higher live which is an improvement.

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For some reason, I tend to think of good music to share on Mondays. Probably due to the fact that I listen to the majority of my music as of late while I’m driving around on the weekends.

Either way, God Lives Underwater. I don’t find many people that have heard of them. Those that have tend to love the band.

I can’t pick just one song so here’s the whole album. It’s friggin’ good.

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one again, Pelagic Records failed to edit a bad band

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