"Share some good music" Friday


R.I.P. The Night Tripper


Up until pretty recently, my ear never even heard basslines in music. All this time - just the vocals and the lead guitar, maybe some drums if I payed attention. But wow, now, taking this course, I can pick them out, sometimes even start counting 1 2 3 4 now too! I just heard this song on the radio yesterday - for me, marks the 1st time I can now tune out the treble sounds and vocals, and really just hear the bass - huge aha moment - really falling in love with this instrument!


Thanks, @Chris and @Vik for chiming in on this thread!

And, yes, rest in peace, Dr John!


Ooh that track kills @Chris! Haven’t heard that Dr. John album. Killer rhythm section.

That’s awesome Vik!

Here’s my Friday music share, because I’m going to Flecktones show TONIGHT!




seriously I will never whine about not having huge hands again


Hope you had a great concert, @JoshFossgreen! Who was in the lineup?


Awesome, thanks for the share, @howard!


Original lineup! Howard Levy demolished it, did some freaky intricate playing with two harmonicas at once at one point. :slight_smile: Everyone else was great too!


Funky Friday


Funkeeeeee - thanks, @Chris! You beat me to it…

I was gonna share a real Friday feelgood tune this time that is fairly “innocuous”, but has a real snazzy arrangement featuring the Snarky Puppy horn section.



Nice ones @Chris and @joergkutter! This is what I was listening to yesterday while working on a new blues lesson…