"Share some good music" Friday

Did someone say BASS SOLO… how about some STING of the BUMBLE BEE… (350 BPM anyone)…lol. I would post the live version of his bass solo but its almost 9 min long!


On the subject of bass solos, Kiyoshi is churning out vids from one of her shows :slight_smile:

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My current little night song. :upside_down_face:

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I get the “video unavailable” message, @NicolasConstant!?

Some early Pat Metheny Group stuff - they were all so young :grin:

Anyone know what bass Mark Egan is playing here?? It almost looks like a Jazz without a pick guard, which makes it looks so unfamiliar…

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Fender shape, height of the lawsuit era, :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:

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Some unadulterated Friday Fun for today:

With complimentary spine-chilling guitar sounds.

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And on a more serious note:

This features Skulli Sverrison on bass. Skulli has a solo to die for, starting at 2:45.
Of course, some bloke from Bradford then has to eclipse everything else from 4:50 onwards, but hey, he’s actually from another planet.

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Oh. After checking with a VPN, this video isn’t available from European countries… I hate when they do that. :rage:

Here is a spotify link instead. :slight_smile:

@howard Ever hear of these young ladies?? Absolute bad ass version of THE TROOPER from Maiden

Nope never heard of them!

Speaking of Japanese metal, looks like Unlucky Morpheus just played London:

Lineup looks pretty awesome. I’ve heard of about half of those bands.


Suzaku is the one that puts on the recuring “Ladies Night” guest instrumental shows, I posted one with Kiyoshi on bass a while back.

This whole album is fantastic.

Great bass throughout.

this one won’t be easy for everybody … :sweat_smile:


raises hand :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like what they do between 1:30 and 2:00 :slight_smile:


Guess I’m just an old guy cause I couldn’t make it past about 0:36…

No offense @terb, but I had an old riding lawnmower that sounded quite similar when I would get into the taller weeds and grass. When the blades got jammed full of weeds they would quit spinning, the motor would spit and spurt, but the drive belt for the blades would keep on going resulting in a painful screeching noise along with a distinct smell of burning rubber on the drive belt. Out of instinct, I had to stop the song for fear of something breaking on my iPhone…:rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:

The first few seconds were nice though…




You can say that again, @terb . . . :slight_smile:

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and this is even not a super-modern thing : this album has been released more than 20 years ago (1998)

by the way, @howard you might be interested by the fact that the bass player is Brian Cook (who plays currently in Russian Circle).