"Share some good music" Friday

yeah when the musical and the meaning parts of the lyrics fit, that’s just another level. that’s precisely what happen with Stupeflip, but as it’s in french I might be the only one here to feel that :sweat_smile: but yeah, totally agree with you, it’s here that everything works together, it pushes the thing to the next level.


Since we’re talking about accents and such. Here’s a good band that sings with a Scottish accent.


Hell yeah! I’m in! :+1:

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@howard I would have never guessed that was a Rickenbacker on the track Wax & Wane. I’m so used to hearing a Rickenbacker have that farty sound. That sounded really good.

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Lots of effects on it. Well, a heavy chorus or phaser anyway :slight_smile:

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Damn! That’s cool. I’m digging the Middle Eastern mix with the more Western bass and distorted guitar.

So then the singing sounds like a snare drum. That’s smart writing.

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not exactly, if I could be more precise it would be like “K-K-- K-K–” :grin: but yeah you have pretty much the idea

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horrorcore someone ? love that flow so much … ! it’s the sludgy side of hip-hop.

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During the lockdown, every day is Friday!

Here’s a great bass solo by the awesome John Entwistle


ummm . . . I’ll try this one later on down the road, Pam

(much, much, later :roll_eyes: . . . {sigh} )

Back to “Another Trick Day” practice for now :slight_smile:


OK, this one’s for @howard

Much, much better sound this time - almost “overproduced”, if there is such a thing!! But, some serious chops as well!!

Wow she’s good. Going to have to learn about these guys.


happy friday (no), happy quarantine (yes) !

introducing Jean Leloup. this guy is pretty well know in Quebec, and I love a lot of what he did. the album “le dôme” is incredible. french lyrics of course.

this one talks about Edgar Poe and his addiction to alcool :

this one talks about heroin addiction and AIDS (really love this song, it’s very sludgy) :

and this one talks about drugs and addiction, pretty much always the same topic :

all those songs are from the same album.

still in Canada … english-speaking side this time with Metric. I like Metric, at least what they did in this era. the more recent Metric records are not interresting at all in my opinion.

my favourite Metric song is this one :

also Dead Disco is a great composition, and this live version is really insane. (climax starting at about 6:15 )


and a last pretty unknown band before I go to sleep : Jucifer. here again, most of what they did was not so good, but there are some sludge hidden gems like this :

love this song. excellent sludge.

Wow, they’re good. Kind of wondering how I missed these guys, pretty much a solid indie/post-punk sound, very much my main musical style :slight_smile:

Apparently all over the radio in the US right now, and in several TV shows/movies. I am so US pop culture ignorant at this point.