Share Your Favorite Bass Lines!

With apologies for spamming:

That fat, fat farting p-bass tone of Paul Simonon:

Jon Stockman’s epic finger stomp at 1:22:

Love the bass and Paul’s singing:

Justin Chancellor’s bass sound that reminds me of an organ out of a JSB suite:

And that menacing dark bass line of Mike Starr:


I was just listening to I Don’t Remember by Peter Gabriel where Tony Levin’s bass line pretty much is the song. He used to spice that up live quite nicely.


Just heard this for the first time a couple weeks ago when my fiance was exercising to it. Had to go look up tabs for it right away!


Descendents - Myage.

The bass does half the work in this song: it opens the track, and introduces the motif, it drives the verses, harmonizes the chorus and even reopens the track twice. This is one of the best example of punk rock basslines not just being about following the root, simply doing the 5th or invertint it and maybe some melodic accompany! Also, shows the strength of the pick on bass: fast alternate picking and a dynamic sound.

If you like it check the rest of this album especially if you love bass, there is much more.




Two more nice basslines from a very odd French progressive rock band.

The first track actually has two basses that switch the sharp notes:

This is a type of soul groove, at least one bass is tuned in perfect fifths CGDA, heavy mids cut, high treble and some bass in the EQ. Funky and rolls off smoothly.

The second may be very hard to get into, it’s a dark, droning song, ‘stacked’ tritone melody on the guitar with a heavily syncopated but simple note-wise line but don’t be fooled as it is in an odd meter and the hammer is tricky. The slight drive/fuzz on the bassist’s tone is beautifful. Around 8 minutes there comes a switch that later on gets accelerated and it’s absolutely insane how it pulses with the amazing drums. Listen:

This is a band where even though I am a pick player finger plucking is essential for the tone and attack to get such a sound.


Thanks for sharing. If you put the normal YouTube URL in your post, it will embed the video instead of just showing a shortcut URL. Just a bit less hassle for people doing lazy browsing like me. :upside_down_face:


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The bass line for “Hey Bulldog” by the Beatles. If I could learn that I could die happy.


Here you go, @Linz84 and welcome aboard:

Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:


Does anyone recognize this?


I played through it but didn’t recognize it. Good luck, though.

Hard to guess songs from tab like that. No note durations, so could be a slow song or a fast song or swingy or whatever and you wouldn’t know. This is where sheet music shines. I’ll try to give it a go later though.

That C on the G string sounded disharmonic to me

Sorry, no idea!

That line where you stay on the fifth fret of the E-string (A) and then continue to play A on the open A-string seems a bit weird…

The first two lines (and the last two) sound interesting… this could be a neat bass line if we knew the rhythm and tempo! I guess, the spacing between the numbers is giving some idea about the rhythm, but I am really just guessing here…

Found it. Town Called Malice by The Jam. Now when I get home tonight I have to see if I can do anything with it.