Share Your Upcoming Live Show Plans

So, I thought maybe we could do a list of upcoming concerts we plan to attend, whether we already purchased tickets or not.

To start here is mine:
Iron Maiden, Legacy of the Beast, Hamilton in the People’s Glorious Republic of Onterrible. October 12, 2022.

I bought 2 tickets, and I’m taking my daughter who’s become a fan.

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I had tickets for Foo fighters and Aerosmith. So far not doing well.

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Foo Fighters I get. What happened to Aerosmith?

I had the same experience with Tom Petty. Oh yeah. He’ll come back to Toronto next year as he always does. I’ll see him next year… Oh shit.

I’m seeing Sting in Las Vegas next month. And because I’m already there, The Duchesses of Motown.


Steve Tyler has gone into rehab

I’m on the Poppy livestream right now.
Opening act on, awaiting her royal Poppyness…

She’s Poppy

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Lets see, I have Plant/Krauss, Black Keys, John Mulaney, Steve Martin/Martin Short, Lake Shore Dive, The Head and the Heart, White Ford Bronco, Barns Courtney. We may have gone a bit crazy when tours started announcing. :slight_smile:


The Wailers are here in Gunnison in June! It’ll be the third time I’ve seen them at the same outdoor venue. Everyone will be Irie!

Tomorrow is a double header. Floodgate Operators— bluegrass, and then Easy Jim— local Grateful Dead cover band. Both of these bands have really stepped up recently, and are starting some smaller tours. Totally worth checking out!