Sharing audio only recordings

Do any of you share audio only recordings and if so what platform do you use?

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SoundCloud seems to be the preferred platform, although they do have quite stringent copyright protection rules.


Thanks, I have seen some places use that when providing sound snippets of products. Haven’t used it before myself.

Probably a question for @JoshFossgreen - can we upload recordings of playing along to the various workouts from B2B?

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I don’t think you can upload your recordings to the forums directly, but if you upload them to SoundCloud and then paste a link to them in your post(s), they will be embedded seamlessly (just like YouTube videos).

Edit: here’s a random example of what this looks like:


Plus there is a thread to post your practice fragments…


As was said soundcloud is used a lot here. If you have your own creation and want to share it with the world I think that would be the way to go.

If it’s just for the forum or to send it to friends you can use any cloud space that allows you to create direct links to the files, e.g. Google Drive or MS OneDrive.

I often use google drive to share my audio. And sometimes I just send the audio file directly via whatsapp to friends.

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Is there anyway of posting audio or videos on here?

Not as far as I know.

No. Most of us do links to youtube or soundcloud.

Either Youtube or Soundcloud are totally fine unless you’re uploading something with a copyrighted backing track. Then naturally you run a risk of it being copyright blocked. No surprise really as you’re basically uploading someone else’s mp3.

That said, some artists have publishing deals with youtube where that works fine and they simply get the monetization. All of my cover songs are in that category (though I don’t use backing tracks; the algorithms are still smart enough to detect the song).

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I use if it’s just for sharing a quick link. You just drag and drop the file and you get a hyperlink immediately. Not really for long term storage but they do stay active for quite a while.

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