Should I shoot my new bass? (Modding the Harley Benton MV-4MSB)

Another review:

I have been eyeballing the Schecters ever since I saw this one which I like the gradient on.

The Johhny christ 4 string is definitely too much gold… But! The 5 string is silver. That would be passing acceptable with an eye to changing out the silver bits for Black.

I like the Evil Twin except for the cream trim.

If I could get the Johhny Christ 5 string with the beveling of the Omen, and the black hardware of the Evil Twin that would be a bass that hit my happy spot.

Ultimately I think the ESP is gonna win, it just needs some black beauties.

I’ve spent way too long thinking about this lol :slight_smile:


Hahaha! So does every modder origin story begin :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club! I have spent months pondering publically (on this forum) over which bass to get…

Again, I really liked the grown up sound of my ESP. If they only had proper short scales…

The shape of your choice would be a little Giger-esque (think: Alien) for my taste.
But you could call it “Bass Hugger”…

Heh maybe, I can see swapping some hardware out but if it involves more than a screwdriver it’s probably not going to happen. I’m practically capable, but not crafty and always too scared of messing something up.

I love Giger! If you look behind me on my cover video you can see my copy of his art book:

OMG! I love it :heart_eyes: That is perfect :rofl:

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Well, if you like the shape, there is no reason to swap anything: the pickups are great, the tuners too and the bridge is very ok!
If the electronics are like my former ESP (which is very likely), then you’re set!

Maybe darken the fretboard a little more? Just saying .-)

Oh I was referring to modding in general, or for the JC 5 string, the silver bits would need to be replaced long term. :slight_smile:


@Morkai I’ve bought the 5 String of the JC Shecter first and I was very disappointed with the sound. The 4 string I have now is great, I love it! The sound is awesome, I think it’s because of the gold hardware :grin::metal:.

Sorry for being a bad Forum member for the last few weeks @Al1885 @Whying_Dutchman. To much self doubt, to many things I want at once and no idea where to continue on my bass journey. I felt stuck and needed a restart. I’ve booked some lessons with a teacher now and it feels great to have a guiding line again. He told me my technique is very good, (thanks @JoshFossgreen ) and I concentrate now on rhythm exercises and songs.


Maybe this will make you dance like @sunDog

You know … for your cover :slight_smile:

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You knocking my bass dancing…?

You’ll see some more of it tomorrow morning…. :rofl: :pbass: :man_dancing:


I envy you for your moves!

I can only shake my @ss on the sofa or rub my back against a tree while playing :frowning:

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This thread is… not your normal modding experience :rofl:

For starters, most people buy the right parts


Doh… good to know, thanks. Sounds like another notch for the ESP Bass Hugger with proper black hardware :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@howard LMAO!! It’s definitely been one of the most entertaining threads so far :slight_smile:


Not when you are starting out…

Everyone makes occasional mistakes. You’re just overachieving here.


I got everything I expected and more. So I really don’t see the point here…

Of course I could have purchased a Yamaha or Fender or [insert brand name here].
But everybody can purchase a bass that many others have. It’s just putting money on the counter…

These basses are truly mine. I touched every part, I changed (almost) everything that I wanted to change, for any reason…
I suffered. I learned. I was immensely happy when something worked out. They both sound fantastic, but different.

I enjoyed every minute of the modding process, even the frustrating ones (and I am not finished).

Why aim low when you can aim high?
If this is overachieving, gimme more of that good stuff :slight_smile:

Aaaaand … even you find reasons to comment here, very often, if I might say so - so I did bring you joy. That, my friend, is an achievement! Mission accomplished


Good to know!
Don’t worry, I am not finished yet, but will save most of my best jokes/remarks for the Australian bass forum from now on, so I don’t get into trouble ^^

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You are a brave man @LeftpeffWolf , I hear rumors about a few who don’t check in regularly, some taken their knee caps. :scream:

No sireee! That’s not gonna happen to me. They have members everywhere on over the world. This is some serious sh!t , bass learning business, :joy:


I completely understand modding and why people mod. I’ve done it. I am in fact doing it now, I’ve just been too lazy to finish it because I decided to just buy what I really wanted to begin with.

What I was getting at was more along the lines of rather than impulse buying parts that might not fit, it takes just a little research online to find out what you really should get.

I have bought the wrong parts before - most people have. The solution then was to take it as a learning experience and just buy the right parts, not to just brute force bash them into working.

You could have made a lot of this easier on yourself.

There was a couple tough cases though, sure - the tuners can be an issue if the maker uses a truly weird size or you are very specific about the ones you want (like my current case).

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Oy vey! :roll_eyes:

I once put $3000 worth of components on a Schwinn HardTail. It’s the most spectacular Schwinn ever but it’s still a Schwinn. On the other hand a custom Seven steel Road bike with a hand me down 105 Groupo rides like a Seven.

It’s great to give your instrument the TLC that it needs but from a playing perspective. You’d probably want to pay more attention to how the neck feel and address the fret ends and give it some elbow grease with the fine grit sand paper to make sure that it’s buttery smooth before concentrating on what color it should have. It’s on the back of the neck so no one would see it but you., making it feels great should be the priority.

When I modded my Sterling Joe, I only bought the pickups and preamp and the water slide decal. The rest is about making sure that it and feel closest to the real Joe Dart 15 times its price. In fact, (I’d like to think) it looks so good Sterling decided to copy my idea and offer that themselves, :joy:


Is that Ozbass or the Pitbull kit forum ( you may want to visit there.

I can’t remember the last time I was on Ozbass TBH

Here is more fun