Should we have a chat server?

Sometimes I think it would be great to have a proper conversation (text/voice/video, 1v1 or group) on some bass topics as opposed to the constraint of a forum. It’s a great community and would love to talk more. I searched and couldn’t find that there is a chat server for this community though I know sometimes people have done ad-hoc Zoom calls.

I think Discord could be the best solution for this. I use it for other communities and it works well.

Obviously @JoshFossgreen and team need to be cool with this. Don’t want to step on any toes and ultimately it is their community. I just think it could make the community even better.

My one reservation is that I wouldn’t want it to split the community. I don’t know if that would happen or not.

What do you think?

Edit: To be clear, I’m not asking Josh or anyone in his team to get involved. I just thought it was a nice courtesy to make sure they are happy if this happens.


It will most likely divide this community in some way, simply because not everyone will want to use a chat either.
I think the zoom conversations are fine, for those who want to have other contact. Most users of the forum are silent readers, meaning they follow it but do not actively participate. With a chat, there is almost no such possibility.
Also bear in mind that the Zoom meetings have not been followed by very many forum users. Apparently, the need for this is therefore more limited than for the forum.

If you consider the extra work involved in maintaining a chat server, isn’t it more fair if you @JT, set up regular Zoom Meetings instead of putting it down to @JoshFossgreen and the team? Just like others have done before with the Zoom Meetings.


Might be some confusion. I’m not asking Josh and team to set anything up. I can setup the chat server. It’s not hard. I just wanted their approval before I did anything.

Zoom is fine for what it is, but sometimes a simple text (more than a forum thread) or voice conversation is nice. Just my opinion though. I’m not pushing hard for a chat server. I just use it for other communities and it works well.


I don’t see a problem if someone wants to set up a discord or something. No need for it to be hosted/run by Josh, any more than the Zoom meetings are.


I’ve just added this to my OP to be more clear. :slight_smile:

I can (and actually already have) setup the Discord server. But as it might take some activity away from the forums I didn’t want to flip the switch without them giving the nod. This what I would expect if I was in their shoes.

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Good plan.

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I second the idea as I find a Discord to be more interactive and engaging, so count me in!


I’m down for it.

I already have one running with @juli0r, although it’s a dead server. It was intended to discuss fretful and his groove and scales practice tool. It’s aptly called “Bass Arena” . If you want we can repurpose that one, or we can scrap it and start a new one.

Discord has the benefit of having zoom like features integrated into the app


My feeling is, if you set one up, I’ll likely use it occasionally. I could also live happily without one. So I guess I’m slightly less than enthused about the idea. But, if someone wants to go through the effort to set it up, I say go for it.


I like this idea, esp now, with limited ability to actually talk to someone else about bass, get to know them and where they are coming from, etc.


I like the idea as long as it doesn’t interfere with the forum.I’d love to chat with more bassists, and I just can’t fit the Zoom meetings into my schedule.

Will a server like this require appointments/ or proper meeting times, or can you just bounce in and chat away? Like bellying up to a barstool or strolling into a coffee shop?


Sounds like there is enough support to at least attempt it.

@gcancella - I already have one setup with permissions, channels, etc. so it probably makes sense to roll with that, but I think it would be great to have you involved in finishing the setup of it before we roll it out wider.

What I’ll do is finish setup later today and then PM those that have shown interest in this thread the link to the server to user test it with me. Then we can make sure everything is setup nicely before rolling it out to a wider group.

@Moose_Hofer It is a persistent chat room effectively. You can come and go as you please and you can see all the messages that were posted when you weren’t around. It’s like a less formal forum, but also has the ability to jump on voice or video with one or more people if you so desire. I think you’ll like it.


Plus voice and videochat capabilities if you want to use them.


@JT count me in as well, I don’t think it will take away much from the forum, I’ll just check both.


I agree, I see it as more a “day to day” chat than topics that require a bit more discussion and reflexion

We have the basic server up and running right now. About ten people chatting away on it so far. Here is the link if you want to join.


I’m in! As much as I love forums, sometimes the real-time discussion is useful. And I’m saying this as an admin of a 21k+ member forum who just started a Discord to go with it.

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Hey @JT and all, we’ve just put up an official BassBuzz Discord which you can join here -

I figured it would be better to start like this, in case it ever blows up bigger than JT wants to handle.

So JT, if you would take down the other server once everyone migrates, (don’t want to have other BB logos and stuff floating around, to avoid confusion) I would appreciate it!

I’ve done some inital setup, but if anyone has suggestions for settings, channels, etc., I’m all ears!


That’s a great idea Josh. I’ll make sure everyone on my server knows to move over and close it down in a few days.


Thanks @JT! And again, you have more Discord expertise than I do, so if anything’s missing on the new server, let me know.