Show us your amps

I do not. I’m an audio video systems design engineer, so I mostly deal with things that haven’t been built yet. I know enough electronics and physics to demystify some of the confusing audio systems topics that come up.


Thanks for the response @DaveT :smiley:


I had a '74 Twin Reverb. the main problem with those old Fender is that the board become resistive with moisture over time. In this case it’s not very reliable.

My '74 Twin was very heavy and very loud with an incredible headroom. But not for me, so I sold it many years ago to a keyboard player.


This seems to be a popular topic though!


My Twin is also very heavy and loud. The eyelet board does look a bit funky in spots from what I think is extra dried up flux. My main issues have been with the Tremolo making a thudding/farty noise on the low notes when active. Most recently, I’ve replaced the original power cord with a 3 prong & the output level seems to have dropped significantly. So that’s my next problem to chase…

I’ve been poking around on various amp repair pages and watching YouTube videos. Uncle Doug’s channel has been extremely valuable in going over the basics of tube amps and showing repair work as well as common mods.

My particular model has been modded heavily in the past so I haven’t felt too bad about working on it but it’s been like a game of whack-o-mole!

Thanks for the responses.


My son has a 15 watt Vox guitar amp. It can get so incredibly loud, I can’t imagine what 100 watts would be like.

When I had a Rumble 500, I challenged him to see who could get loudest. He looked at me like I had no idea what I was getting into. He was right.

I cranked the Rumble up to just below max output and the whole house was shaking and rattling with pictures vibrating on the walls. The dog ran and hid (sorry about that Margot) and his fiancé was instantly not pleased (I don’t blame her).

Undaunted, he started turning up the Vox 15. And I threw in the towel well before he was anywhere near full volume.

I knew that solid state watts and tube watts are measured differently and I knew guitars get a lot louder with fewer watts. But I didn’t expect such a massive difference.

When I played, when I was younger, the guitarist we played with was deaf in one ear and was really careful with the one he had left. So, I never experienced the loudness competition that other people talk about. Subsequently, I never experienced how loud a guitar amp could get outside of going to concerts.

I’m not going anywhere with this. I just thought it was interesting. :rofl:


I used to have a Fender Super Champ X2; 15w valve amp. Stupid loud for a bedroom :sunglasses:

It’s like a different sport; tube vs solid state.


I don’t understand this. Watts are watts, no?

Higher pitched sound louder with lower watts because you don’t need to move as much air (power) to make them louder, therefore, bass amps need way more watts to play with lower wattage guitars.

But how does a tube watt sound louder than a solid state watt?


That is a long answer: Why are valve amps louder than solid state amps? - Keld Ampworks Guitar Amplifier Repair


Lol you’re at the end of my knowledge right there.

Paging Dr @DaveT


Sorry Google beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah but @DaveT can explain it at a level even a carpenter can understand. No big words please.


What I got out of the article is
A: Depends, it’s complicated.

Comes down to overall design, marketeers and use application, more than “the core of any valve amp Vs solid state is louder” as a tenant. Might be. Might not. Depends.

Would be interested in a bass example of this Vs guitar but I’d guess a bit of this holds true anyway.


+1 to what @John_E said about this.

I’ll write a response when I get a free hour. Power ratings are extremely confusing and multiple factors are at play.

“Pardon the length of this correspondence for I hadn’t the leisure to make it concise” -Blaise Pascal


Roland KC-600


Nice I use the KC-220 and KC-350 with amp in a box pedals. That 600 is a beast!


Boss Katana Artist serie amp a gift from my friend. It also comes with the GA-FC switch. Really sweet and bottomless tone, very unique as it’s not an amp modeler.


Sweet amp! Uh I think the internal works is actually a digital amp modeler. You can play different amps and effects with this baby.


Well, I was told that it’s a tube modeler, and I agree it has 5 style of amps to select. It’s just a bit different than what I’ve seen in a “Cab Sims” type amp.

The menu and things you can do is pretty deep, I’m not sure if I’d ever get through 10% of what it can do, lol.


It’s a really nice gift!!