Show us your amps

It’s brilliant! Banana plugs are so convenient to use and the connection is solid.


Ok so, I originally set out to get a pre-amp pedal for my first pedal to give me a bit of tone shaping…then I started looking at ‘real tube’ pedal options and then…??? …somehow ended up at the show us your amps bit with two new amps instead:

Ashdown CTM-30 Little Stubby [30 Watt all tube bass amp]
Laney R500-115 [500w bass combo 15"+HF horn]

also a Radial ProRMP and a Suhr reactive load to make it work

[my trusty rumble 40 is being used as a stand for the utility boxes right now but this is only temporary]

The Little Stubby has tube drive, an extra feedback dial, and output tubes too
The Laney combo has great EQ options low and high shelf and a 10 band EQ [great for room EQing]…I didn’t know about the blue light until after I purchased it (helpful on a dark stage apparently)

My practice room is tiny so it may be overkill but 500W is only around double the loudness of a 50w practice amp so not so bad (I tell myself) and it is discontinued so was a great price

The idea is to be able to run the 30W amp quite hot to get the tube tone I want and then use the Laney for its 500W power amp after that to make that tone louder or quieter while retaining the tube character

never did get the pedal but plenty of tone shaping options now


So, this is mainly for my own edumacation…

Are you taking the signal after the Ashdown’s pre-amp and feed that into the Laney or are you using the signal after the Ashdown’s power stage?? The latter seems… risky to me (but, then, that is where I could need some more understanding)!


I am using the ashdown like a pre-amp for tone…but yes signal goes out after power stage from the ashdown and into the suhr load box (so the output tubes don’t go crazy as they require a load)…a line signal comes out of that box and I could go straight into the line in on the Laney right there and just use its power stage but I want to preserve that for play along stuff so…after the Suhr is the re-amper which turns line into instrument (like a reverse DI), then I can go into the instrument on the Laney and use its stuff or into the effects return to skip the Laneys pre-amp, EQ and go straight to the power amp


Very cool and unique (to me) signal path. Thanks for explaining this some more!!


I think this setup is quite unique. :joy:
Also that Suhr is damn sexy. Would love to have one for my Ampeg head.


It doesn’t translate well in photos but when it arrived I found it is actually a deep blue (anodized?) textured metal if that helps (or makes it worse :joy:)

(you can also get one with ir cabs included, but not needed for live playing thru the combo and I can do that in my DAW when recording so not needed for me)


I bought this exact same amp yesterday. I only had a Joyo… thing and hated it to my core. I’ll never gig with people so it looks perfect for me at the moment. Most important, it’s light and compact, so it can have its permanent residency in the dining room, where I play (my sons each play in their bedrooms, drums and guitar, my spouse plays in our workshop, so I keep the dining room where I stay most of the time anyway).

My cat isn’t that white and fluffy, but I hope she tries it soon enough. Cats do add value and mojo to our gear. Especially the inside of hard shell cases.


I bought one for upstairs quiet play. I’m looking to give it away. It makes more noise rattling the front grille than bass sounds (and I returned the first one thinking it was a fluke - nope)


Fender Rumble 100 and a Tech 21 Steve Harris Box.


I play a Rumble 500 and it’s rattle your knickers, tickles your leg to stand in front of it and play. I can’t believe Fender can push 500 and 800 watts thru 2-10" speakers but from what I understand, 2-10’s have more surface area than 1-15" therefore more effect and more air movement/sound wave pressure? I know someone out there has researched this.


Does the wheel on your electrical meter turn faster the more E cord action you play? :slight_smile:


It isn’t I, alas.
Everything I know about speakers is from reading this forum, listening to people talk at gigs and music shops, and playing in front of them.
I agree with you.
Moving more surface = more sound?

I’m into it.

For the mellow gigs though, I love the sound of a 15" instead of the 10’s.
For the aggressive gigs, I love those 10’s.


Interesting! I had a GK Neo 410 and the 1001 RB dragging that around is a big task not to mention power source, lol. I wish I got the 1x15 instead. I once played the lobby scene (guns…lots of guns) from the Matrix and stood in front of it. I could hardly breathe, lol.

Now I just carry my trusted Genzler BA 10-2 and looking for any excuse to stack 2 may be 3 on the right venue. I’ve done 2 a few times but can’t find the courage to max it out yet, ha ha.