Show us your headstocks

Never took anything negative from it or saw anything negative from you. Your earlier comment was appreciated and funny as hell. It’s nice to be reached out to after one day on the site, and I truly appreciate the interaction, knowledge, ideas and bass camaraderie I see in the various forum post. It is especially reassuring to see that there are others who also are beginners and are choosing this path… gives me hope.

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Just looked again at my post and just wanted to make clear (if anyone didn’t know ), that the bass is considered the bottom end (low deep sound), and I was referring to that and in no way referring to anyone’s stature or instrument. Let’s get to the top (playing goals) while holding down the bottom (rhythm).


Yeah, no worries, didn’t take anything bad from it. It’s a cool forum indeed! Welcome on your journey!

  • I wanted to share a pic from when I had GAS sickness. Six of these are left. Soon to be dropping two more as well (2 kids off to University - I have to adult now). I feel like I have survived the sickness, a few bumps along the way. Sadly, I am being serious, it got out of control - the hunt became the game. Fortunately, the ones left, will be profitable at some point. Most others were a loss. I have learned - (I think). Right now, I am still out of commission with a broken hand gone bad - nearly a year ago I think? Cheers folks - all the best.

Jealous…that is a BAD case of GAS there lol!

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