Simplest way to record audio/video?

Some of you know I’m a bit of a technofobe. Strictly analogue - bass into amp (ampeg pf-500). I don’t have any form of Daw or interface with my computer in any way although my amp is right next to my computer in my small multi purpose office. Now, If I wanted to record a video of my playing to share what would ge the simplest way of doing this? Smartphone? Webcam picking up sound direct from the amp through the webcam microphone (full disclosure, I dont even have a web cam at the moment) or should I just embrace the 21st century and get to grips with connecting to my computer properly? Feel free to get technical but type slowly so I can keep up


iPhone? :slight_smile:


That may well be the answer Howard although the reason for wanting to record is to send files to a tutor so I’m wondering If I shouldn’t explore a solution that had slightly better audio/video quality

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Ah. Your post originally just said “Simplest way to record audio/video” so I was replying to that :slight_smile:

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As @howard said, the simplest way is to simply use a smartphone. The video quality should be adequate for your needs.

You can improve the audio quality significantly without getting complicated by adding an external microphone. There are kits available (from Amazon, etc.) that include a microphone and a tripod. You can spend anywhere from $25 or so to several hundred dollars for these.

Then next step up involves investing in a Digital Audio Interface (DAI) for your computer and installing Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software.

Then comes the fun part - learning how to use all this stuff. It’s a deep rabbit hole. :roll_eyes:


Yes, I thought so. That was entirely my error, not yours. Trying to post after an extremely long day and not suceeding very well. Managed to post the title without comment :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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If it’s for your tutor, I use my phone to record my playing, just to let my tutor/mentor see what I’m doing. And every practice I record on an Tascam DR40 my sound as well. Every now and then I’ll send the Tascam soundfile to h as well, but mostly just the video with the sound recording of the phone.
(And yeah, I’m upgrading my system: switching from phone to laptop for video recording with OBSproject, just 'cause I can :call_me_hand:)

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