So I have been working on my technique for slapping(started about a month and a half ago) it just seems like I cannot get it down.
I have watched many many hours of videos on different techniques on how to slap. My biggest problem is that when I go to Slap say any string other then my low B (I have a 5 string, just love the low growl of it) it seems like I hit whatever string is under it I just don’t know if its as simple as more practice… ive been having this issue for about a month and half… just looking for advice and tips thank you :slight_smile:


@Aldwinn88 Welcome to the BassBuzz forum!

Module 13 of the Beginner to BadAss course is all about playing slap bass and Josh has these videos posted.

Idiot-Proof Beginner Slap Bass (Every F**king Detail You Need to Get Started)

How to Slap & Pop Faster (Bad vs. Good Bass Technique)

7 Reasons Flea is Awesome (with Bass Lesson Tips)

I don’t know enough about slap to be much help other than that.

Also, if you can post a video, there are others here that can help diagnose any technique problems.


ive watched all them at least 10x… I think its something wrong with my technique…


If you video yourself playing for a minute or 2 with slap style, we could offer suggestions, if that’s what you’re interested in? It can be helpful to see things in action to give comment.


Practice, practice, practice makes still not so perfect for me still, but a hell of a lot better.

I would like to offer a suggestion @Aldwinn88.
Learn Rage Against The Machine
Take the power back.

This is not the hardest slap song in the world, as a matter of fact, other then timing on some f the fills, it’s actually pretty easy to play.

I can say it has done wonders for my slap technique, and I have been slapping for less then a month, since doing the slap module of B2B back in mid April of this year.

Here is a Tutorial from none other then our beloved @JoshFossgreen that I just found while looking for a cover video of the same song.
I didnt know he broke this down, and am super excited to use this video to help me perfect the fills and play the song complete.

I can’t say why, but playing this riff over and over has helped me with my technique Nd muting emensely. I went from a zero to probably a 35 to 40 out of 100. Like I said, not perfect, but no bass player will ever claim perfection, and up 35-40 points from zero is huge IMO

Anyway, if you want to give it a try, heck, if anybody wants to give it a try, It May work for you too.
It is drop D tuning, and slaps the Drop D and A, and pops the D and G strings, so you get them all.

For 5 string, Idk if you wanna alt tune it to use your 4 low strings, or skip your B and use the four high (standard) strings? You will have to see what’s most comfortable for you.

Anyway, HTH