Small musical revelations everyday

I finished the course 5 years ago when I was 65. My current fav to play is “Soulfinger” by the Barkays. I can play this and other favs from memory with hardly a glance at the fretboard. I bought a new bass yesterday, An Ibanez replaces a Fender Premium. The Ibanez makes the Fender seem big and clunky by comparison, although I was perfectly fine with the Fender. I used to continuously play songs that I knew, thinking that I would forget them if not played daily. I learned differently, those songs were easily recalled. I am so satisfied with this late life musical journey, that I must comment here, where I received my money’s worth (for course) and more.


Hi @cajarmj61,
I just watched the music clip, they seem to be a lot like earth wind and fire.
Verdin white is an awesome bass player
Cheers Brian

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Congrats on the new Ibanez, I have 3. A GSR200SM, GSRM20 and the best one an SR300. I love them all however. I do not have any fenders. I used to have a fender MIJ ‘62 reissue Telecaster about 20-25 years ago when I played guitar. I liked it, but had other guitars that too made it feel big and clunky.

Wow! I didn’t know the course had even been around that long. The earliest graduate I’ve come across was December 2017.

Drop us a post here… BadAss BassBuzz Alumni So we can have you as part of the record.

It’s good to hear the things you learned have really stuck with you.
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As I have aged, I keep track of events based on my age at the time of the event. So, I finished in 2015. I’m sure some of my friends thought I would get over this “bass thing” long ago, but the only day I have not played my bass was the day my mother died.


Yes @eric.kiser, it appears that @cajarmj61 is our earliest graduate of record.


You most certainly get a pass for that.