So that's how the world knows Josh!

When I mentioned @JoshFossgreen in a Facebook group, this is what happened:


LOL yeah, that’s our Josh. Banana man


Hum. There is a song. It’s one of my guilty pleasure songs and I don’t want to associate Josh with it. When saying guilty pleasure songs I talk about songs like… Barbie Girl or some Backstreet Boys songs. Anyway you made me think about it so here it is:

It is not at all in the style/genre I assume is liked here. Then again it’s pretty diverse. And I just loooooooove the video. I can still laugh out loud when I actively watch it instead of just letting the song run.


O cat, gets a :heart:.

That looks like a great group. I would love to join a group like this…


I bet. They are a russian pop group but all they seem to do is completely take the mickey out of the pop industry/pop songs. I could imagine you fitting in there.


Do people really think of that just a banana, and not the Velvet Underground banana specifically? I hardly even see it as the fruit.


Sorry @juli0r, I meant a group like @peterhuppertz posted, online bass group…

But heck, Russian pop band? I have Russian in me, why not.

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Considering I did not remember the banana from the Velvet Underground until you reminded me, I had no clue. I have a bunch of clowns tattooed all over my arms, so why not fruit. I never thought twice about it beyond looking T it to see what it was when I first found @JoshFossgreen and BassBuzz., it was just ink under skin, personal to the one wearing it.
I don’t mind talking about my tattoo’s if asked, and if I want to know what something is, I ask, but since I knew it was a banana, the thought never really crossed my mind.

I do see how, if someone did not know Josh or BassBuzz, but watched a bunch of BassBuzz videos, that I could point out the tattoo to see if it would jog their memmory.

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No. I didn’t even know them. I always wondered what the banana is about. And then there’s the FAQ:

Then I checked the wikipedia page and is the FAQ a reference to this? -

The FAQ always confused me. I was like: “No way no one bid more than that. I would give you $5 right now to get to know!”. So it was just a reference to the aceton recording of the Velvet Underground album?


I can’t speak for Josh, I just recognized it from the album cover. Also, I think my post came out sounding snotty, which I didn’t intend! Sorry, friends


Yeah, what was up with that???

Just kidding, I didn’t think it was snotty at all. Plus it was very informative, so you get notone, but two thumbs up. :+1:t2::+1:t2: