Software to slow tempo of music from Spotify


Hey yall, is there software to purchase to slow down songs so I can practice them in the same fashion as the slow, medium, and fast workouts in the course? I have very little, if any, music that is mp3…most of what I listen to is from youtube or spotify.


If you’re listening to YouTube, you can easily slow down the music. On the video you are watching, just go down to the bottom right and click on the little gear icon (“settings”). From there click on “speed” and adjust it to a lower than normal setting: 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75.

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Yes! This!
I feel like YouTube had us musicians in mind when they did this.


I don’t know how to do anything like that with Spotify… YT has built-in tools for that like @Jazzbass19 said, so that’s probably the easiest route.

BUT if you want more control over exact speed, plus being able to make loops, mark different sections, EQ the track, etc., I really like a cheap (~$40) program called Transcribe!. (Yes, the exclamation mark is part of the title) Here’s an old video I did about it -


Thanks for the feedback guys…really helps.


There is also a good freeware app called Audacity that will let you slow the tempo of selections or the whole piece. Josh’s Transcribe! is probably better, but free is is $40 cheaper than paying $40. :sunglasses:


Bonus for Audacity - if you don’t have a way to record yourself, it’s a decent way to record as well. It has some nifty features also - I would use it to take one long recording of a gig or a rehearsal, and Audacity has this great feature that let me break it into tracks and export individual MP3s - something I couldn’t do in Garage Band or Logic. … I realize this has nothing to do with slowing down tempos.
…but had to add it.