Song 1 - "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd

Once again if you made this as a T shirt I’d buy it.

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Hi everyone,

This was the first ever bass video I recorded. It was a spontaneous idea before cycling to work. Lots of lessons learned since then. I’ll try to use stems and so on and record a mic to talk (before the video or after).

I’d love to hear some reactions. On a scale of Beginner to Badass… what do you think? :smiley:


  1. Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2 - 2023 10 17 11 41 01

Very well played! If anything I’d say perhaps bring the volume up. The bass could be a little louder in the mix and the final mix perhaps a bit as well. You looked very relaxed and technique was great!


Thanks for the feedback! For practice purposes, I agree with the mix. This was with OBS and no compression etc., so it might not be loud enough in some parts. :thinking: :+1:


Great first effort Antonio! Nice tone out of that Yamaha!


Guess its time to start the challenge, here’s my entry

Another brick in the wall pt.2


Welcome to the 50 song challenge @myheadsmt91 !!!

Overall great job on song #1!
Couple of things as takeaways…

  • Make sure you listen back to this, and other covers as you progress, I find it very helpful in my progression.

Playing is very sound.
You are playing a bit ahead of the beat in many places, just by a bit.
This does disturb the groove a little, but timing is something that comes, well, over time!

Tone is good.
Dynamics are a bit wide.
When you slide up, your strings get closer to the pickups, which means either plucking quieter or relying on a compressor (not a good way to develop technique, but how lots of folks solve), better to learn the technique.
Dynamics come with time as well, just something else to work on as you progress.
Would be great to let us see you play so we can also provide feedback on technique, etc, but not required if you are camera shy.

Great job, keep em coming!!


Nice first effort @myheadsmt91 ! Keep 'em coming.


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll be sure to listen back to them over time and maybe even redo some of them, I’m sure it will be similar to revisiting the early B2B courses. Crazy to think 4 months ago I couldn’t even play an instrument.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind going forward.

Yeah, Just waiting on a web cam to arrive hopefully should have video to go along soon :slight_smile:


Hi folks

This is recording attempt 5. From the first sighting of the sheet music to the recording was over 100 song sessions. And I still made mistakes in 4 attempts to record :frowning: .

Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) - Pink Floyd

I had always believed the children were at a swimming pool and the teacher was shouting : If you don’t kick your feet you can’t have any pudding ! How can you have any pudding if you don’t kick your feet ?

Bass Buzz has educated me :slight_smile: .

My third video.

I used the website (5 free songs per month) to remove the bass and provide a click count-in.

I am happy to receive feedback.

Bass (acoustic) : Ibanez PCBE12MH
DAI (hardware) : Behringer M2
DAW (software) : Reaper
Video camera : Nokia C02
Video quality : 1080p
Laptop : Win 10 , Dell E5470 , RAM 8GB
Laptop : Dual core i5-6300U 2.4Ghz
BassBuzz student : 2 years


Great job!

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Very well done, and welcome to the challenge!
Great timing and tone.

Technique looks good, and you seem to be counting properly :upside_down_face:.
As you progress you will start to feel and not need the counting as much, but use it when needed, I still do on tricky passages.

My only feedback is uncross your leg and sit up straight.
Bad posture and ergonomics are a killer.

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OK, let’s give this challenge a go!

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2

Cut off some notes that I shoulda let breathe, and more than once, but overall I was happy enough with this take to check the box and start looking at the next one.


I can totally hear this, though, especially the second time he says it. I love it!

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Well done sir! and welcome to the challenge.
I honestly didn’t hear much of this at all.
I heard one or two notes a bit late here and there but overall just fantastic!


Thanks @John_E !

Hardest part of this song for me is remembering the order the bars are played in as it transitions to the guitar solo.


Nice one. I’m just working on this cover myself at the moment.