Song 13 - "Alone, Together" by The Strokes

Time for the second Medium song.

Song: Alone, Together
Artist: The Strokes
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Hey I can’t believe I’m posting before @BigAl! :laughing:


That was great. I’m chipping away at this one. I had not heard the song before and at first I thought it was really fast, but it’s slowly starting to feel achievable!

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This song was little difficult for me I got nerve damage on my fretting hand. So it’s difficult to play in Higher(upper)register. Used my Vox star streamer Short scale . Only paid 450.00 for it with quality parts and sound good to me.
Never have I heard this song before but cool tune. I have heard of the Strokes.

Alone Together/ The Strokes


Nice jobs @BigAl. Funky looking bass!

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Yea never heard of it before either. Cool tune. For me it felt like it slowed down the more I played it.


@Ruknrole, The early bird gets the worm. Back to work, beat by end of day.

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@Ruknrole got a great price . Would have never paid what they were asking. Aguliar pickups, 18vAguilar OBP 2 preamp, some goth tuners and bridge. Actually fit perfectly to my body when playing. Saw the one humbucker with ebony fretboard on Reverb today. There asking 550. Or something like that. Regular price is something like 1500.00 bucks. Way to much. Come in about 6.5 Lbs. Light.

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Nice work @Ruknrole and @BigAl both sounded right on the money.

Vox star streamer - it say’s it’s an Alder body but are the ‘wings’ alder as well or a composite? Looks an interesting bass.


Maybe it’s me, but as a beginner this felt like a big step up from the first 12 songs. I had to put a decent amount of homework in, to even get somewhat close to this song.
However, I enjoyed the vegetables once again.
Fender P Bass > ZoomB1 (#16 - MM Clean) > Focusrite > Garage Band

Cheers Amigos


@Barney ,The wings are made of heavy duty plastic. That’s what it feels to me.

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You guys @Barney @Ruknrole sounded good. Nice tone. It all sounded good to me. :+1::+1:

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Good job @Barney!

Nice job. Yeah, really interesting looking bass and nice tone too. Looks like you got yourself a deal!

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Yep, I’d agree with this. I’ve slowed it down, but not sure I’ll get to the right speed and still have it sounding sort of clean. I like the tune though, so I’ll keep plugging away. You did a great job on it. Thanks for the info on how you recorded it too.

That was out of sight great @Ruknrole!

I have not started this one.
I really dislike this song, and that part of the fretboard.
This one will be like pulling teeth here.


Out of sight great #2 for this song, great job @BigAl !!

Yikes, I am nervous now.

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Vox makes some seriously interesting basses, I wish they made more variety these days.
So cool.

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Crap that was good @Barney, great outta sight #3, fantastic.

I hate this song evern more listening to it 3x in a row, ugh.


There is a live version that is MUCH slower you could use.

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