Song 18 - "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey

Song: “Don’t Stop Believin’”
Artist: Journey
Tuning: Standard

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Found myself with a bit of time this morning so I thought I’d record this one. Just used a room mic so the sound isn’t great.
This is a fun song. I’ve always liked this song, but only really listened to it in passing so my timing is off on a lot of those notes that come in a bit later.


Nice job @Paul_9207
nice tone on the 1/4 pounders, gives some teeth to the song.
agree the tricky bits are tricky, haha, probably why I haven’t taken the time to do this one yet.
You nailed a couple of them though.

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Good job on that one @Paul_9207… Yea, a few timing mishaps, but with practice that’ll get better. For what it’s worth, what I noticed more was that there was a lot of carry over harmonics that kinda got in the way of other notes that were being played. With SD 1/4 pounder PuP’s, those magnets are big and do have a tendency to pick up a lot of other harmonics. Great Pickups, but very sensitive and low end “bassy”… making string muting pretty important… Just my observation, but otherwise a great job hitting’ those notes… Hell, better than me,… I never tried playing that song through, but do remember a part of it from the B2B course when I took it…

Keep on Thumpin’!

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Yeah, I’ll have to pay more attention to that.

I really love all the feedback. I’ve never had a very good ear, which is probably why I played drums for so long. All the things you guys hear that don’t even register in my brain or I will hear them but don’t understand what I’m hearing or how to make it better. I appreciate it all. Thank you. The compliments make me feel good too. :slight_smile:


Great playing @Paul_9207! Loving the bass tone regardless of the mic, you got a cool treble bite on top of some solid low end, just a downright badass sound.

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Thank you!

Can I get credit if this song was part of our School of Rock performance? Its been fun practicing for it, with the additional chaos of other students learning their parts. School of Rock Palo Alto Jan 28th, 2022 - YouTube


Sure do!
Nice job @cbaray

What was it like playing with the kids?

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Haha…if you’re 18 or over, you’re in adult band…who seem to enjoy the experience more than the kids on average. We all want to be there…it’s a blast. We had a Friday night gig at a local beer garden, so lots of random folks were around instead of just friends and family.

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This one really made my brain work. Something about the variations in note lengths challenged my simple mind. Love playing it, kind of makes you feel invincible when the chorus hits. Definitely not a perfect take, some timing issues. I’m happy with it overall, I think it captures where I’m at on this bass journey at the moment. Thanks for listening!


This is giving me fits for that reason, and, for the fact that I never want to hear this tune again, lol.

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You def got the groove of the notes down for the most part and look so at ease playing this. Some blips and blops timing wise as you said, but overall good job. There’s some hard stuff in there.

Sound is great too!
Nice and growly.
I think this one belongs in the “HARD” section for sure.
Will be a long while before I come back to this one.
Does look like a lot of fun to play!


Thanks John!

Yeah, completely agree. It’s deceptively hard because there aren’t any real fast parts and the chord progression is super common. But the guys in Journey were really smart musicians. The variation makes the song sound interesting and familiar at the same time.

Thanks, I really liked the tone @Paul_9207 got on his cover, lots of harmonics on the open E, and I tried to get some of that here. I used 100% neck pickup with the treble cranked, and just a little bit of the built in gain from my combo amp. This is actually one of my favorite tones when I’m just playing around for fun.

Well, It has been some time since I posted a cover. Since taking on a new role at work my bass time has decreased greatly, I am trying to get back on a good routine.
I have a couple of incomplete covers, this one I recorded several months ago, but never settled on anything, so just to move one today I picked one of the audio and video files and put them together. I enjoyed playing this one, but it has a couple of variations that I just could not memorize.


nice one again @Reo
a couple timing blips but otherwise very nice.
I have yet to be able to get this one in my brain, skipped it and keep going back and keep getting hung up on memorizing it too.
You would think this is really a simple song but I beg to differ, super hard for me anyway.

Congrats on getting through it!

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Nice to see you back @Reo! Great job on this, it’s a tough one. I never got all the nuances memorized and correct timed either. I’d like to revisit it some time since its such a fun song to play.

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Okay! Here is my final take on this amazing song.

Some timing issues and a dropped note here or there but I really enjoyed playing it. I had a few takes where I saw my self really getting into the song. However, some of those had me getting a little too into it and then flubbing parts…

Anyways, I used the JINO bass and I blended all three pickups for this one! Neck about 30%, Bridge 100% and the H pickup about 70%. Ran into the Darkglass head and out to Volt 276. Audio recorded with GarageBand and video with OBS. Brought it all together in iMovie.

The lava lamp decides to add to the fun when we get to the solo!

We are 24 of 50 songs now! Just about halfway done! I might detour and do a couple easy non-list songs this weekend but we will see how that goes.

Thanks for checking it out!


5 Bananas
Good I thought
Intrigued by your bass

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Thanks a bunch! @Gloucestre

Now I feel like we should have a banana style rating system on this forum! i.e. This is one fugly bass, 2 bananas! I wonder if @JoshFossgreen would abide… :laughing:

As for the bass, have a gander here: Jino Jazz Bass® | Electric Basses