Song 2 - "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Nice playing overall @myheadsmt91

My only comment is you are rushing the beat quite a bit (plucking quite ahead of where the notes should be). This is normal and will come with time. Just be mindful of it as you go forward.

Else wise well done!!!

Nice bass too. What kind is it?

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I’ll try to be mindful of the rushing going forward, half the battle is knowing.

The Bass is a '85 Ibanez RB960 Roadstar II


Sounding good @myheadsmt91

Nice, keep at it!

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Not my most motivated cover attempt, but here goes anyway :

I think I slightly hit the headstock just before playing and seems detune on the D, but I only realised it while I was finishing editing. Sorry for that. I will leave it at that (for now).


Very well done @mediaklan !

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Thank you JerryP

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I can’t get the sound to play on my phone.

That’s probably normal. I’ve lost the notes I’d taken regarding the codecs that were working best for any devices when encoding (e.g : iOS - but not limited to it - doesn’t seem to like some of the default opensource version of demux/codecs/tools I use in Linux for audio/video).

So I need to research it all over again - -’
Still, if it’s just the sound, this makes it easier at least. Thank you for the heads up John_E.

Can you please tell me if you have the same issue with this cover ?

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And finally, can you please try this version ?
I think this one should work.


Same issue on this one.

That worked!!!

Nice playing @mediaklan
Kept a very tight groove, bouncy and just what is needed.
Great job!!!


Thank you John_E ! And … thank you again for your help debugging the audio issue.
It would seem that :

  • libmp3lame is lame (what was I expecting with this kind of name, really ?)
  • while aac is the ace

Now I should remember ^^’