Song 20 - "Gimme some lovin'" by The Spencer Davis Group

Song: Gimme some lovin’
Artist: The Spencer Davis Group
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Gimme Some lovin, Spencer Davis Group, while playing this song out in garage got a pleasant surprise from my Granddaughter. Grandpa that one of my favorite songs from my movie(Sing). At 1st didn’t know what she was talking about , but she knowing what I was playing made my week. Here’s my take on Gimme Some lovin.


Great, great job @BigAl…. Loved it!

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Thanks @Griff

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Excellent all around @BigAl
Nice to see another cover from you sir!

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Thanks @John_E ,
I’ve been trying to stay busy(Ariane Cap, pattern for the bass ). Stay safe.

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Great job!!

Good job @BigAl! Sounds good!

Thank you, my brother. @Ruknrole

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Second song of the challenge I learned and recorded the first day, but a new first today for me…
First take of video was the final take!
Never happened before.
It is a pretty simple tune, but man, feels good to play something right the first take on video.

T-40 both pickups in single coil mode, tone all the way off, La Bella Flats
The sound on the original recording is quite crappy, tried to blend the bass in to match the original.