Song 20 - "Gimme some lovin'" by The Spencer Davis Group

Song: Gimme some lovin’
Artist: The Spencer Davis Group
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Gimme Some lovin, Spencer Davis Group, while playing this song out in garage got a pleasant surprise from my Granddaughter. Grandpa that one of my favorite songs from my movie(Sing). At 1st didn’t know what she was talking about , but she knowing what I was playing made my week. Here’s my take on Gimme Some lovin.


Great, great job @BigAl…. Loved it!

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Thanks @Lanny

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Excellent all around @BigAl
Nice to see another cover from you sir!

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Thanks @John_E ,
I’ve been trying to stay busy(Ariane Cap, pattern for the bass ). Stay safe.

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Great job!!

Good job @BigAl! Sounds good!

Thank you, my brother. @RuknRole

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Second song of the challenge I learned and recorded the first day, but a new first today for me…
First take of video was the final take!
Never happened before.
It is a pretty simple tune, but man, feels good to play something right the first take on video.

T-40 both pickups in single coil mode, tone all the way off, La Bella Flats
The sound on the original recording is quite crappy, tried to blend the bass in to match the original.


I watched an interview with Victor Wooten where he was talking about the best way to learn a new technique. His advice was to start making music with it as soon as possible. I’m paraphrasing here, but he meant that as soon as you can make anything resembling musical notes with the technique, you need to start working it into a song, not just do drills. This little insight helped me get “unstuck” with slap/pop. I wasn’t getting anywhere slapping quarter notes to a metronome. But after making up some simple slap grooves and playing them over a drum loop I started actually feeling the technique, and it became less mechanical, and more like, well…music!

So following this advice, I came up with a couple slap lines to work into this cover. Now I have a long way to go on the slap bass journey, but I’m psyched to be at least comfortable sharing what’s here. Not too long ago it was incoherent nonsense.

TECH NOTE: Compressors confuse the crap out of me! I ended up not using one because I felt it sucked the life out of my playing, but wanted to because of the drastic volume difference between the slapping and plucking. I need to experiment with this more. I was working with the Reacomp effect in Reaper. I tried the “Spanky Bass” preset which did a good job taming the peaks, I just got lost/frustrated messing with the parameters to try restoring more of the dynamics.

Thanks for listening!


Fabulous. That’s head and shoulders above me. I skipped the Slap part of B2B. I may revisit it at some point. But I’m still enjoying Bass without this part.

I read Victor Wooten’s - The Music lesson. I remember a line which he said if you play a ‘wrong’ note you’re just one fret away from the ‘right’ note within the scale.

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Thanks @Barney!

Yeah, I really don’t think slap is going to be a big part of my bass playing. I’m going to keep working on it because I like it in small doses and it’s fun – kind of like playing drums. Overall I still prefer the sound of finger plucking for most things.

I’m going to pick up a copy of The Music Lesson, thanks for the tip

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So….this is very well done, as usual, however, there are two things that throw me off.
Both may be you making this song yours, which it totally cool.

  1. The main riff is 4 eights notes and then 2 quarter notes, you play them all eights. This changes the groove. Might be what you were after though so ignore me if you were.
  2. The slap parts - these are very cool and i really dig ‘em, but I ain’t feeling them in this song…

My own hangups aside, as usual played very very well sir!

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Thanks John, really appreciate the feedback!

Good catch, I think I just didn’t listen to the original closely enough. My way is basically a false memory of how I thought the song sounded.

I can hear a different arrangement in my head where it would work, but it doesn’t really with the original. The use of slap here reminds of when I first learned to make pinch harmonics on guitar, I put those squealies in everything I played for a couple weeks. The novelty of it hasn’t worn off yet :slight_smile:

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I did the same thing that’s why it stood out to me.
Then I looked closer at the tab Josh provided and went ‘well damn’.


I thought your slaps and pops were great. Much better than I can do on anything. Good cover.

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Played with the Jino MIJ Jazz Bass
H pickup isolated
Preamp ON with treble boost and bass flat
H pickup volume at 80%

Ran the bass into Darkglass Microtubes 500v2 head
Microtubes Engine ON
Compression 60%
Tone 50%

XLR out to Volt 276 interface
Compression Mode - GTR
Vintage - ON
Gain at 50%

Original Bass removed with Audio recorded and mixed with GarageBand. Video recorded with OBS. Finished in iMovie.

Gimme some lovin’ on this post!!! :upside_down_face:


Hey, my playing has been getting more and more sporadic, I am trying to get myself back in a routine, but here’s my attempt at this song


Fantastic return to the Challenge @Reo !!
Sounding great man.
Keep 'em coming.