Song 22 - "I Feel Good" by James Brown

Song: I Feel Good
Artist: James Brown
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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I went through a lot of trouble trying to get my mic set up and get my levels right, I kept having a lot of dumb issues, but finally I got everything sounding how I wanted it to. Spent a bit of time editing the audio. Sent the video to my laptop from my phone and clicked on it to see how it went and I liked the audio from my iPhone better somehow. So that’s what this is, just the raw audio from my phone. Maybe it just suits this particular song, or maybe I need new headphones.

Anyway, this song is a lot of fun to play, I urge you all to give it a try.


Great job @pau1rose! Timing, tone, ghost/muted notes and all!! Supurb!


That was awesome! Great job all around @pau1rose.

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

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You got me playing this last night, it is fun.
Time to record it as well.


Really good job on this @pau1rose ! I haven’t tried this one yet, but I should as I love the song. The phone recording does give a bit of a muted bass tone. It does suit it well for this particular song . You might get a similar sort of tone by using foam next to the bridge.

Adam Neely had a good video recently talking about this song and I think 12 tone followed up on that.

Awesome Job. Killer tone and timing. :beers:

Here’s my take on James Brown. I Feel Good. Love this song. So busy lately. Helping my brother do my restroom remodel, ect…
Hope you enjoy. Not Perfect . Gave it go at it.:+1::call_me_hand:


Every time I start to wonder where the next @BigAl cover is, it appears like magic later in the day!
Well done as always Al!
I like the tight tight tone on the MM.

Nicely done. And spooky that I just finished this lesson not long ago today XD

Thanks @John_E & @Koldunya
Just staying busy. It been tough couple of months. :v:&:heart:

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I started this song but diverted to learn the sax part then got distracted by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s on my list to bang out soon.

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I’ve been doing some Iron Maiden, Toto and Amy Winehouse tunes and others. Been to lazy to record myself.

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Very nice as always @BigAl … That bass sounds awesome with this tune…

I’d love to hear it if you felt like posting…

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Still work in progress. But i’ll let you know. Steve Harris has some awesome chops with his 1/16 notes. :joy::rofl::wink:

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Of all the saxes, I like and am least comfortable with alto, but what the hell…
Clean P tone ~50%, Les Claypool EMG pickups…


Now there’s a color scheme you don’t see everyday! Sounded great and was pretty rad that broke you out the sax. You’re on a roll with this 50 song challenge @John_E :metal:

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