Song 22 - "I Feel Good" by James Brown

Well done @dlamson13.
Sounds great to me.

Where’s your saxophone part? :rofl::rofl::rofl::saxophone::saxophone::saxophone:

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Thanks John,

:rofl: I better stay in my lane, it’s best for everyone (family, neighbors, neighbor’s dogs, you guys having to listen to it, etc.)

Another one bites the dust - and I feel good :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be a cakewalk but it was surprisingly tough - you have to come in right on time with the rest of the band, and the bass is really prominent in the mix so everyone can hear if you mess up. Apparently James Brown was really merciless with his band if they got it wrong…

Although I was coming in on time (or so I thought) I was consistently about 0.1 seconds early on the recording. So I adjusted it accordingly :wink: . That and a little bit of compression was all that was needed apart from the Hofner.


Hey Ed this sounds really good.
One thing, and it was the same on my Hofner, your E string sounds really really loud vs. the other strings. I had to do some pickup adjustment to get rid of the big boominess of the E string.

Tone otherwise is really great man!

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Dude! How tall are you, You dwarf that Alto, lol. Double feature that’s awesome man.

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Hahahaha, I despise altos, lol.
I am not great on them and my body language shows it.
I’m only 6’1”,must be the angles.

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What’s your favorite. Can you once and for all educate me on the sizes please. I know soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, may be a few more but slip my mine for now.

I like the tone and vibe of the tenor myself.

Thanks @John_E ! The Hof really shines on these older tracks. You definitely have a point about the low E though - especially on the Bass setting! I’ve tried cutting the 100Hz frequencies using Audacity but it’s difficult to get rid of all of it. I’ll have a go at the pickups but I may just try and play a little lighter on the E string …

Those are all the current mass production sizes, but in the past a lot of others were lots of others and there are few small production sizes today.
On the high end above soprano (Bb) are sopranino (Eb) and sopranissimo (Bb). On the low end below bari (Eb) are bass (Bb), contra-bass (Eb) and sub-contra-bass (Bb). See the pattern? Eb Bb Eb Bb etc.
Between alto (Eb) and tenor (Bb) the C Melody was very popular in the 20s. Pitched in C it let people read granny’s piano music and they could play along in their parlors at home easily. These were the guitars of the 20s. Every home had one. Conn also in the 20s came out with The F Mezzo Soprano and Conn-O-Sax, both in F. Thre Great Depression wiped those out of production and are super rare. I have an F Mezzo, but not conn-o-sax, they got for over $30K

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Bari is by far my fave then tenor. Soprano is super hard to intonate but very rewarding.

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Here’s my stab at this song :slightly_smiling_face:

James Brown - I Feel Good


This was excellent!

Great job @robbp !

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Thank you, @John_E! It’s always nice to receive compliments from such a fine bass player as yourself!

Real nice tone and timing on this @robbp, such a fun song to play!

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Sugar and spice! So nice! HAH! Nothing like some James Brown to get the body moving! :grin:

Breaking out the P Bass again for this one! Volume and Tone on full and we are running into the Darkglass Microtubes 500v2 with Compression on 25%. Microtubes mode is OFF. From there we are XLR Out to Volt 276 with Vintage ON and GTR Compression setting.

Recorded with Garageband and OBS. Finished with iMovie.


Nice tone on this one @cheeze_pizza
A few timing mistakes James Brown would have fined you for (he was notorious for fining his musicans, lol) but otherwise very very groovy man.

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Perhaps he would have accepted pizza slices to forgive my errors. :laughing:

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks a distinct possibility!

I feel good, and one more song is done on the 50 (51) song challenge. :slight_smile:

I got you - (I feel good)

Soon halfway there. :slight_smile: