Song 28 - "Only Happy When it Rains" by Garbage

Song: Only Happy When it Rains
Artist: Garbage
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Had to do one more song, because I can’t stop playing this bass. Couple of hiccups here and there, but overall good enough for me. The audio and video go more and more out of synch as time goes on, I have no idea why…


Wow, great job man!
Just great.
So I guess you like the bass?!?

For the sync, even a split second off at the beginning will grow over the song (if you are visually matching waveforms).

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Excellent job @akos. Did you add some overdrive to your tone, or was that a by-product of the recording?

Did you use a bass-less backing track? If so, would you be willing to donate it “to the cause”? :wink:

Again, really solid - nice job.

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Yep, it’s almost perfect. :slight_smile:

It’s in synch all the way in iMovie. It only gets out of synch when it exports it into a file. Pretty crap…

Still haven’t found a better way than slapping the bass a couple of times at the start, and then visually matching up the spikes during editing.

Nope, no effects or EQ, it’s straight into the DI. When adjusting the recording level I let it go well into the yellow but did not hit red, so there should be no clipping I think. Do you guys avoid the yellow as well? (Sorry I have no idea what these are called.)

I am still playing around with pickup heights, but I thought I was more or less done with the P. It sounds clean(ish) to my ears. Maybe the overdriven guitar affects what you hear? Do you hear overdrive in the last couple of seconds as well, when it’s just me playing?

I always create my own using I can export a bassless version if you want and send it over, but it’s really simple - you just upload your mp3, wait a minute or two, and then download the 5 separate tracks (bass/drums/piano/vocals/other). You can import those into your DAW, and mute the bass while recording.

Brilliant job, I thought you achieved a really nice tone. Extra points for that cool bass. What is it?

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Lakland Skyline 44-64 GZ PJ. See here:

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Ah, that makes sense. I don’t think we can get them in Australia, so I would not have seen them around. Awesome colour too.

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Probably is…

No - sounds clean. My bad…

Thanks for that - I’ve been using - I just figured if you had it, I’d post it for anyone that was going to jump ahead to this song… No worries…

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Did not know this one. Looks neat, but the pricing is ridiculous…

I only use the free. :slight_smile:

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Sunday is Garbage day…literally.
First outing with the Edwards E Groover P bass.
Tone at ~80%.
B7K for treble reduction and drive/grunt - the grunt switch is a beautiful thing.


Hey all, here is a fun one to chug along to and the line walks around just enough to keep things interesting. Thanks for listening


Pretty darn good on a pretty darn fun song for sure.
This is one of my faves in the challenge just from a pure fun factor.
Balances out House of the Rising Sun, lol.

Sounds great as usual.
Fingers still flying though I see.
I have been working to tame mine but dang if they are not very good listeners.
And if I really focus on it I instantly cannot play a note, lol.


Thanks John, yeah, I don’t think I heard this song since it was a hit in the 90s but it is a hidden bass gem for sure.

I haven’t been putting consistent effort into improving this, though I should! The worst part is, if I have to play something high tempo, then I’ll work like crazy to shorten my movements, but as soon as I go back to a mid tempo tune I revert back to my finger flying ways.

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