Song 40 - "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson

Oh yes… she’s back. Can your fingers hold out for the whole song?

Song: Billie Jean
Artist: Michael Jean
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Recorded this about a month ago. This will be my last challenge song for a while, embarking on a side project.


Makes my fingers cramp just remembering my own experience trying to play this!

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It was definitely a finger workout.

Nice job! Think your fingers probably need a visit to the spa after that.

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I’ve just been playing this from module 4 of B2B which must be a shortened version. Is the opening of this song 16 bars of the same (starting on D string)?

If you have the course, you can go into the Extras section and get the play-along tab for all of the 50 songs in full. If you can’t find it then let me know.

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Hey @JT sorry should have mentioned that I was looking at that in the extras and just wanted to clarify I was reading it correctly.

Yes - 16 bars starting on F# (4th fret D string) before moving to B (4th fret G string)

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I am procrastinating on both versions B2B and 50 songs. my plucking fingers are having trouble keeping up with the speed yet I can have the tune down pat.

You can find a YouTube video of the tune and set the speed to where you are comfortable.
Then, creep, and I mean creep it up, 2% or so, play it til you are cool, then continue.
Your fingers will start to get the message and you will speed up before you know it.
For some reason, that last 5% always feels like 15% or more to me though! :upside_down_face:


As @John_E mentioned above, start playing it slow over and over and when you feel comfortable speed it up a bit. Next thing you know you’ll be up to speed without even trying.

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