Song 8 - "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams

This one looks to be a breeze… I could do with a simple one to catch-up so glad about this. :slight_smile:

Song: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Artist: Hank Williams
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

Spotify link

For a backing track with bass removed, join the Discord or contact @gcancella


Member Audio/Video Submission Shortcuts: BigAl / Barney / John_E

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I don’t see the backing track in the drive location.
Is it in a different place?
Can these all go in one place please?

They are in the same place. That one just hasn’t been done yet. If anyone wants to volunteer to do it, please do. @gcancella is swamped with other things right now I believe.

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Here’s My take on Hank Williams, I’m so lonesome I could Cry.
3/4 time signature. Happy Flag Day​:us_outlying_islands:. I like to record myself with bass Audio high so I can hear it and hear my mistakes :grin::rofl::joy::wink:.


Great job @BigAl .

Having just listened to this song on youtube, the bass is so low that I don’t think it really needs to be removed. Literally, I can hardly hear it as is. If I hadn’t listened to @BigAl 's version first, I wouldn’t have any idea what the bass line is for this song…


Thanks, I record with my bass backing track high so I can hear it.


I’m with ya. It’s a bass cover. Let’s hear the bass.

I posted an attempt at a “bassless” version on the discord (I can’t directly add it to the gdrive). But like I said, I think you could just record over the original (especially if your bass is up a little in the mix) without any problem…


and where is the PDF?

Sorry to be a pest, but is there a way to make the noteflight into a PDF?
Happy to do it if there is a way but I don’t see it.
I think these need to be packaged up nicely for folks otherwise some will drop off if too many steps in the way.

Understand @gcancella is swamped, is there another way to package these like they were for the first 7?

Again, afraid we will lose steam (and people) if we make this harder.


The opening line is “ Hear that lonesome whippoorwill, He sounds too blue to fly.”
What is a whippoorwill? I didn’t know until I got on the googler. Don’t know either? Well watch the video to find out.
Nice to have a simple one to do.
Cheers Amigos


HA! I thought it was a tree!


Great playing both @Barney @BigAl !

I think this tune has a lot of room to hear the bass regardless.
Funny its not prominent on the original.


Nice job @BigAl ,
It’s that type of song that could put one to sleep :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I even think your dog got bored and left the room, :joy: :joy: :joy:
Cheers Brian

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Hey John @John_E ,
you could watch Al @BigAl playing it and write down the bass line :+1:
Cheers Brian

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There are 5 notes in it E B F# G# A,

Nice @Barney ,
i thought you were going to fall asleep standing up,
Thanks for the bird show i really enjoyed the lesson,
Cheers Brian


Ya, I get it, but what I like about the 50s100c is that all the info you need (until now) is there in a handy folder. If I have to go hunting for the track and the score I will go do my own cover instead. I am doing these songs (not ones I would normally do or want to do) because of the great organization and setup. But, if it gets more time consuming I think I will be just doing my own thing.

Might be a little thing, but is meaningful to me, and may put off others too.


I transcribe the song on sound slice. Here it is. I probably do more and post them. I have many slices but not posted in my account. Hope this helps.


I don’t know if this helps in any way @John_E but what I do is go into noteflight for the song I want to learn. Click on the maximize screen button
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 4.04.13 PM
Then reduce the zoom function (top right) to about 110-120% until the whole songsheet fits on one screen without scrolling. Then grab a screen shot.

This allows me to get a feel for the whole song whilst I’m listening to it.
If @JT wants, I’m more than happy to do this for the remaining 43 songs and send it to him to include at the start of the thread.


Well, this is a very easy song after all, and to other’s points, easy to memorize.
So I decided to make it a bit harder by trying out a pick.
The tone was just so much better for the song IMO.
First time I have ever used a pick on a cover, and struggle with muting and consistency of pluck.
Any advise would be helpful
Also first time I started & finished a song in one day.

Gretsch G5123B, tone rolled all the way up
Neck p’up 100%
Bridge p’up ~30%


@John_E that is friggin’ awesome! You make that hollow body bass just sing the blues.

Standing, swaying, playing with a pick, looking at the camera. You’re a rockstar! (it says so on your shirt).