Starting 2023 with... restarting B2B

i think i have been away from the course for way too long after almost finishing (was on the last module). so, going to restart from module 1 today (and i suspect breeze thru some of the early lessons). my plan is to try to get to the fast workout on every lesson with at last basic competency.


Also come and join us in the ‘Post your covers’ thread Mitch. Pick a tune you love and give it a go. The quality of the audio/video is unimportant but the ‘giving it a go’ part is I think invaluable. Really great addition to you redoing the course IMHO.

This is a great thread on the ‘how to’ of recording yourself.


good idea! i should do that


The covers thread is the best thread on the forum :slight_smile:



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…because of the pizza topping sidebar :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In all seriousness, I cannot tell you how important this thread is to me.

Prior to B2B and the cover thread, I never recorded myself for anyone else to hear, except to send audio recordings to instructors.

It was all of you ‘old timers’ here - @PamPurrs @terb @howard @JerryP @Lanny @TNKA36 that gave me the motivation to start, and on March 14, 2021 I made my first, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (1st challenge song). This was 14 months after starting the course, and I sure wish I did it sooner.

I have now done 49 in 22 months since then (oh crap, what do I do for #50!!, ugh).
I have learned rabbit holes in DAI, DAW, Video Editing, Green Screening, Plugins, EQ, Reverb, Compression, etc and only scratched the surface of all of them but having a blast. You sure don’t have to get fancy, but it sure is fun for an engineer nerd like me to really explore them all.

I am still pretty shy when it comes to sax, as it is more of ‘you’ playing and more ‘out there’ to be exposed. 2023 is going to change that though. This is my challenge to myself.

@mgoldst - I completely agree with @Barney that giving a cover a go will bring you endless joy and fast tracked learning and improvement. The insane speed of progress you can watch folks go through in the 50 song challenge or just in their own selections is rewarding to the rest of us too.

I always say this, and it is still soooooo true.
I would love to start a band with the lot of you, but the world doesn’t want a band of 37 bass players.


You could start with 8 and re-enact this one :joy:


The guy in the front on the floor to the left, sounds like he is playing his B string on the second string up.
Is the first string a bridge cable? And what note is it tuned to? holy cow


Yes! F#! And yes!

It’s for some metal dudes… I don’t think we have a 7-string player here… LOL


I think you can raze buildings with this bass and a 2x15!


Pam gives @terb a pat on the back.


Crazy stuff!

And the guy he refers to - Jeroen Thesseling - plays a fretless version of this thing :grimacing: :dizzy_face:


Well stated @John_E…. This is probably the one thread that continues to keep me involved and challenged…. I was a bit hesitant when Laurent @terb first started it off, and going back and listening to some of my first attempts to compare to where I am now is a real testament as to how creating and posting covers can help develop ones playing ability. Additionally, being able to listen to other’s creations not only helps in that development, but also opens up many doors to other genres of music that I for one would never have had the opportunity to experience….

As an egg can never experience life as a bird until it breaks through that shell, the same held true for me when I was willing to break through my hesitancy of recording my first bass cover. My only hope is that more “new” players don’t become reluctant to post their first one given the higher level of abilities most here have developed over time…

Keep On Thumpin’!


Sounds like a good plan-keep on keepin on buddy.

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