Strap Locks

thank you but no, that’s something else :frowning:


Ernie Ball Polylock I meant… Autocorrect messed that up. Maybe it’s the Dunlop Lok Strap?


YES that’s it !!! thank you very much @Mike_NL !


I knew it sounded familiar… They come in a set of three as well!


yeah that’s not very logical to sell them by 3 but OK :joy:


got the ernie ball ones for the bongo. nice straplocks and they look cool on it.


Well, I got the Schallers for my new bass build I completed a few months ago, and I got an unexpected benefit.

The Grolsch System certainly works; my leather strap will hold on very securely with those washers. However, putting the bass on there’s a bit of negotiating to make sure the strap has no twist in it. The Schallers make getting putting the bass on without twists really easy; the free movement at the locks allow you to untwist the strap very easily. It wasn’t something I was expecting, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.


I use shallers on my p bass. Love them.


Use Schaller S-Locks on all my Instruments too



Those locks are awesome! It’s such a luxury when I am recording and swapping out between guitar and bass to be able to keep the strap on, pull one instrument off the wall, snap it in, without losing momentum. Highly recommend!


Isn’t it easier to just have a separate strap on each of them?

Yep, you can have a separate strap everytime you buy an instrument, but I use a neoprene wide strap and don’t want to currently buy 3! (Im sure that # will increase haha)

I also don’t like how they would look with straps hanging on the wall. (But that’s just personal preference :grin:)


I may be the odd man out here, but I personally don’t have a need for strap locks.

Each of my basses has its own strap. I like wide heavy leather straps. Once I put the strap on the bass, it stays on.

Due to the stiffness of the leather putting the strap over the button for the first time can be difficult, and once on it is very secure.

Since I never remove the strap the leather stays stiff and the strap stays securely on.

I agree that it would look sloppy to have basses with straps hanging on a wall (I use stands).

I guess this habit of never removing the strap comes from back in the day, when my “strap lock” consisted of replacing each strap button with a wood screw and a large flat washer. :smiley:


I’ve seen this before.

Eddie Van Halen replaced his with eye bolts


i have strap locks and never take my straps off. i don’t know why, peace of mind i guess.

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I do the same and I do know why.
Even though it is not as pretty on the walls as without a strap, it is one less annoyance that could hinder me from picking up the bass.
At some point I was even looking into getting a bass with passive electronics so I could have the cable plugged in all the time.


Jim Dunlop Lok Strap :

Jim Dunlop Ergo Lok Strap :

I got these love them. super simple to install have had 0 issues. I had Dunlop straplocks before this. 100000% recommend some sort of strap lock that way your strap does not get stretched out at all.

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Just got Dunlop strap locks and installed them on all my basses last week. I’m not planning on doing bass gymnastics with them or anything but it is nice to have that confidence they won’t ever come loose. I think this definitely qualifies as one of those “once you try it you won’t go back” things. Another benefit is it makes switching my strap between basses much faster and easier. I was going to buy Levy’s leather straps for all 3 of my basses but now I only need 1.

I have used them for a while with good luck