String changing

How often do you guys change your strings?
I have no idea how long the strings have been in my SR and also a new set of Dunlop Super Brights sat here looking at me :eyes:


When they start to sound dull and thuddy :slight_smile:


Cool :sunglasses:
I’m thinking the ones that are on are recent-ish as the tone seems very clean. Thanks Howard


I was wondering exactly how many hours? Because I have been playing on used strings for 122 hours…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: and…and…what does it mean when someone replies in a blog, “Oh, every couple months if I’m playing twice a week” for an answer. The only exact hour recommendation was every 15-20 hours from another internet search. I needed to come to Bass Buzz, but I’ve been away so long I get lost in here! Anyway, no wonder my strings are a raggedy-ass mess! I play 1-3 hours per day, resting not often enough, at about the 8th or 10th day! So I guess I need to change them every 10 days.


And which strings for my SX Custom which sounds p-bassish.

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If you have never changed your strings and have played several hours each day for several months, then I’d say “change them now”! Not because you absolutely have to, or because you played 122.5 hours, but because that will give you a comparison “used vs. new”, especially for your ears. Then, maybe, the next time, you find out when you think your strings sound too “dull” or just not as bright as you want them anymore etc, and THEN you change the strings!

What strings are you playing now? Did you “like” them? Why not get a set of new ones of the same brand and make?

The strings will not make a bass sounds P-bassish! The choice of strings will contribute to your overall sound, but that includes the pickups, the bass materials, the way it is constructed, the way your fingers interact with the strings, and so forth…

If you are looking for good roundwounds, that are neither too bright nor too dull, but just give a nice warm sound, you might want to try, for example:

  • Ernie Ball Regular Slinky’s or Super Slinky’s
  • D’Addario XLs
  • GHS Bassics Medium

It’s nice to hear from you. The community has grown a lot.

You could try flatwound or tapewound strings. @PamPurrs could offer some solid opinions on this since she has used rounds, flats, and tapewound.


Well, my bass came strung from the pawn shop. I loved the strings to pieces, but don’t know what they are. They held their tune for an incredibly long time. It still makes me burst out laughing to think about the wear I got out of them!


Thanks for some brands to check out, @joergkutter

Or, @HannahWalker, you could try the strings that are in between round wounds and flats - they are called half rounds, and, AFAIK, only D’Addario has these on offer currently. I think @Lanny plays with them regularly, if I am not mistaken.

I tried them once, but, in the end, prefer round wounds - both for the sound and the feel/texture they give me.


I’m planning on changing them every 6 months or so. Along with playing the instrument, I also enjoy the instrument upkeep / maintenance aspect of the process. It’s a good excuse to tinker with the bass.


Yes, @HannahWalker, I do use the half rounds that @joergkutter mention on one of my Yamaha’s. They work great on certain songs where I want a really smooth mellow bass tone with a bit of bite… I have each of my three bass’s strung differently with different strings and then just use the one that produces the best tone for me for what ever I’m playing…

Keep on Thumpin’!


I’m at the start of my journey through trying out different types and brands of strings and recommended every new to intermediate player try the same. Each time I’ve changed my strings I’ve used a different type. I’ve found I like flats for a blues more mellow stuff. I like my rounds when I want to rock out to some grunge/metal/punk and work some hammer ons. Next I will try tape wound and see how I like that. Then comes trying different brands within each group to compare.

I’m not knocking anyone who finds something they like and sticks with it, but I think early on I owe it to myself to try everything that is out there and see what I really like.