Summing up TalkBass

So just wanted to share this experience with you. It’s supposed to be a satire of average experience there.

Recently I made account on TB for the first time, cause I hoped there’s a lot of people there who probably have had an experience with basses I’m looking into. Issue I had is lack of review and info on these newest model, which are updated alot from older ones.
To be more specific:

  • Warwick RockBass Streamer 5 Standard
  • Spector Legend 5 Standard

So I come with question, what are your experiences with any of those regarding quality, QC, electornics, difference 34’’ and 35’’ playability wise, and that I’m up for any other suggestions for basses with soapbars or humbuckers which are not MusicMan or Fenderesque in same budget range, and don’t have thin necks, to look into. I’ve also brought up that I’m unable to try any of them before buying.

This is how it went in short per comment:

  • Talking about all possible specs (bridge string width, scales)
  • Someone suggesting Sandberg, with showing off his (out of budget and Fenderesque)
  • Asking for my location
  • Suggestion that I get a well known manufacturer bass cause, apparently they have better QC
  • Something about Germany and cabbage, and 200$ Cort bass
  • Someone suggesting that I wont get answer from manufacturer (which I didn’t, from both Warwick and Spector), and that TB is best place to get info (foreshadowing :rofl: )
  • Try before you buy comment
  • I would make a 35’’ a must for 5 string, cause I like it
  • Finally someone who owned at least old passive model of Warwick spoke something, but it wasn’t too helpful
  • You should buy Streamer LX (which is not soapbap/humbucker and outta budget)
  • Some guy posting pic of him 25 years ago with 5 string Rickenbacker
  • I have Ibanez and it’s my best gigging bass
  • I don’t thhink Sandberg is Fenderesque
  • Get a Made in Germany Wawick Corvette, it’s better
  • Again the only guy with Streamer saying that yeah Warwick ave chunkier necks
  • Another actual guy with Streamer and comment about scale and string spacing of his persoonal experience
  • Guy suggesting Dean bass with single humbucker, with picture of his ofc
  • Get acoustic since you dont know if you will keep playing 5 string, and you don’t know how to play 5 string, comparation about buying Chevy Corvette before I can drive occured (?)
  • Guy above is right, you can just downtune your 4 strings bass
  • Comment about strap lock not being above 12 fret
  • Another try before you buy comment
  • Get Harley Benton
  • Random comments about Yamaha, Cort and Ibanez
  • I like Warwicks, so get a Warwick
  • Someone posting their custom made boutique basses and how hes thinking to get a 6 strings bass
  • Someone commenting about strings on 5 string bass
  • Someone who apparently owns both commenting about Spector being better with no arguments why
  • Comment on how I intend to tune my 5 string once I get it
  • I started playing in the 90’s…
  • That guy again about downtuning 4 stringer after I told him I don’t wanna modify my nuts (dont take this sentence the wrong way), that it’s cheaper too get a new nut than new bass
  • Guy suggesting Ibanez BTB (totally not out of budget)
  • Get a Warwick cause I’m not fan of 35’’ scale cause D and G are twangy
  • Dont generalize, my 20 35’’ scale basses have nothing wrong with twangy strings

All in all, lots of fun, and no new info obtained.


No mention of pizza / condiments?


Yeah, that sounds about par for the course.

TalkBass is Serious Business!


If this thread goes off the rails into another food discussion, I am blaming you. :slight_smile:


There is if you put cabbage on your pizza.


P.S. I do a lot of repeated letters lately, instead of blaming my spelling blame my keyboard. Seems it’s time to get a new one.


Yep… Sounds like fun :smile:

Whilst also not really very helpful, Harley Benton might not be a bad option either tbf, fairly cheap, but surprisingly good, I just can’t get away with 5 strings though, so I ended up selling it on for somethin else


I’ll give you same resposne I gave to that guy.

Yeah… No…


yeah; they weigh like 12 pounds


Yeah, threads NEVER go off the rails here. :roll_eyes:


I had pizza for dinner tonight and thought about down tuning my 4 string like I did back when I started playing in the 80’s long before I started thinking of getting a 6 string bass while I was eating…
I really did have pizza for dinner tonight though.
Hope this helped!


My liberal use of condiments helps keep my bass’s neck oiled.


I have heard this works best for keeping the neck oiled on your bass brand.



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What about just using 4 strings :crazy_face:


So I’ve got an update.
Last few days I was actually in conversation with Hans Peter Wilfer.
Impression is that those guys really do care about their products.

So some points I had resolved about Streamer 5 Std:

  • Electornics has been revised, they use 50k pots for volume, 250k for balance, 25k for bass-treble
  • Preamp is same as on RB Streamer LX
  • Pups are also revised with normal output levels
  • QC-wise he told me they are well-made, and also getting detailed check before shipping to customer when ordering from Warwick Shop
  • Bad thing is that they make these pups specifically just for this model, so upgrading pups would require more work

And for the end.

Would be great to win you as a customer with us…

with best regards

Framus & Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG

Hans-Peter Wilfer 31.01.2023, 12:07


Did they suggest carrots and advise against tort?

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Their support is equally good. I had an issue with my Streamer LX5 and Florence Wilfer replied to me herself. I actually know it was her too because she accidentally later replied to me while trying to reply to about one of her orders :rofl:

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:rofl: too late


Hi everyone I have discovered this site today after deciding to phase out talkbass. I should call it talk ass because of how they seem to run the place. If you read through the old forums and threads it’s a plethora of information and great entertainment as well. Master builders such as Roger Sadowsky, Ken Smith, Vinny Fodera, Hans Peter Wilfer, etc. would come on there and give some excellent feedback on their products and be very neighborly just like most of the members. Lately the place has become stale, pc up the ass and just lame with the same opinions and the second someone wants to shake anything up everyone including moderators go into suppress and scold mode like little children. I still like a few of the guys and girls on there but I’m sick to death of moderators and closed minded pc communist group think. Anyway thx for allowing me the ranting. But about Warwick vs Spector I know that there’s as much similarity as difference especially in string spacing, bridge design, tuners, electronics and how they respond to your touch, also the body shape although very close they are different dimension and will feel different. They both look cool and I’d love both. Aside from getting my hands on a rockbass streamer coming my way I’m curious to try a Spector.

“closed minded pc communist group think”?